be inspired

For as long as I can remember, something, somewhere, someone or any of combination of the three has always inspired me. I’ve always had something in my head that moves me, drives me, helps me focus and keeps me going.

However, throughout my life there have been three constant things that never fail to inspire me:

  1. My faith
  2. The beach
  3. Some random person that I’m currently infatuated with

Is that last one a little bizarre? Do you ever hear a chick talk about her “girl crush”? I basically have a new “girl crush”, like, every few weeks. Then of course, there are a select few in constant rotation. They are chicks who have a rad sense of style, a positive outlook on life, or something curious that simply intrigues me. Is that weird? Do you guys ever become completely infatuated with just how….cool someone else is that they literally motivate and inspire you? 

Aside from being a super creep, my faith is a constant standby. It’s something I can always cling to no matter WHAT is happening in my life.

Then, of course, there is the beach. My happy place. Facing the ocean elicits an instant calm that no pill could ever duplicate. I wanted to pop in and quickly share a few images that have ignited my spirit.











^^ like, those chicks? Obsessed.



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