Thoughts on Running

There’s nothing quite like the peace and solitude one finds on a long run. (this link made me lol 😉 )


I mentioned the other week that I registered to run my first full marathon this spring. I know I’m a ways out but I figured why not start now. The earlier the better, right? 

I used to do a longish run every Saturday until this passed November. That was when I started teaching 2-4 spin classes on Saturday mornings. Obviously, with that much spinning a run was simply unnecessary. I’ve run cross country since high school and I always thought distance running came easily to me. Hah…that’s funny. It wasn’t the exercise itself, what made it seem “natural” was due to the practice, discipline and consistency. The simple act of running regularly made it feel like it was easy. However, once I stopped it was a challenge to start again. I didn’t exactly pick up where I left off. Even though all the spinning I was doing was technically endurance, it wasn’t running. It’s simply different parts of the body used in different ways. 


Two weeks ago on a Saturday morning I set out for my first “long run”. I did around 6 miles (I was normally banking between 8-11 miles every Saturday morning, granted I only did it ONCE a week!). Surprisingly, it felt fine so the following week I figured I’d ramp it up. Well, I ramped it up to 10 miles and apparently it was a little too much, too soon. I was so sore. Like, could not even work out until the following Tuesday. 

So, yesterday morning I dialed it back a bit. I did a 9 miler on a completely new route and slowed my pace just a bit. I felt a lot better. I’m glad I gave myself more than enough time to train because clearly, I’ll be needing it. What I realized this morning, though, was that there really is nothing quite like a long run. It’s the best way for me to clear my head, be alone with my thoughts and just be. 

(and take mid-run selfies..)

(and take mid-run selfies..)

However, this is the BEST, hands down best part of a long run: listening to new jams and discovering new-to-me artists. Nothing beats downloading a brand new album or two on a Friday night and looking forward to listening to it the following morning. A lot of people ask how I stay motivated or get myself going to run distance. Well, there is your answer! 

As a spin instructor, and all around music junkie, discovering new beats is a serious passion. Mid run is when I zone out to the beat and movement of a song as well as take note of how it makes me feel. It’s where I decide what goes into my playlist, where it will be and what movement will be choreographed to it. 


Yesterday’s run playlist was all about this band that my husband just told me about called Slightly Stoopid. I had heard of them before and had heard a few of their songs here and there but had yet to download any specific song or listen to an album in its entirety. Dan was raving about them so I downloaded two of their albums for my run and I’m now just as obsessed as he is. If you like reggae, ska or just chill-out beats with a beachy vibe, definitely check them out. Dan found them from a song he heard in the background of a surfing video. 





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