Welcoming September

I find it so crazy how as we grow over time things shift. Some things change, but what I’ve noticed is that it seems to be more of a shift than a change. Almost like…I guess growing up and coming into myself. 


Take for example, the month of September. When I was a kid I only had one association with September, and that was the dreaded thought of going back to school. Despite the fact that I was the ultimate summer baby I never acknowledged the fact that September actually held those beautiful final weeks of summer or took the time to notice the shift in temperature and golden bronze sunsets. All that mattered was that I had to put my Catholic school girl uniform back on, get teased by my classmates (middle school hell), and sit in endless hours of detention. Whereas, on the flip side of September was summer where I was free to wear the clothing of my choice every day, as well as free to simply be me. 




This is my second September of not being a student, however, it feels like my first. This time last year we were several weeks away from our wedding and the summer planning was hectic, to say the least. It was go-go-go and I really never took the time to simply appreciate the days. We went straight on our honeymoon after the wedding and didn’t return until the middle of October. So, by the time I was able to “relax” it was Halloween. Only, I couldn’t relax at all because I had yet to figure out what my job situation was and was still working odd jobs here and there as if I was still a busy student. 


I will say, this past year has been a roller coaster. As much as I disliked school, last year made me realize how much I actually needed the routine of it all. This past year felt like I was floating out in sea without an anchor. This past winter was incredibly challenging and I succumbed to a state of seasonal depression. It was not fun. I became so complacent in that depression that I think my ass left a permanent indent on our sofa. 


The spring was equally as difficult. I still had yet to figure out what I was doing. I still wasn’t myself, I still had no set job and still carried an abundance of anxiety. Finally, the summer came and longer days helped me remove myself from the sofa and spend more time outside. The sunlight certainly helped and I started to feel better. Finally, I settled into a career. Finally, I felt happy. I had a routine, I had something that would give me both an anchor and balance.


However, I still had this “in the back of my head” anxiety. Would this winter wipe me out again? Well, it might, but I’ve decided that I won’t let it. (SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder is a case of depression one may experience in the winter months. A major cause includes lack of sunlight and shorter days which decreases the body’s supply of vitamin D and can leave us feeling sad and lethargic. This is a major reason why I’ve chosen to run my marathon in the spring. The training will force me to get outside into the sunlight at least once a week with my long runs. This past winter I spent my days spinning indoors instead of outside on runs. I believe the lack of sunlight was a major contributor, especially since I am not used to exercising only indoors. I will also be sure to take a daily vitamin D supplement, 2000 IU). So, I’m taking this month of September and honoring it for all the beauty and happiness it holds. September has  redeemed itself for me and become one of the most special months. It’s the month that holds both my husband’s birthday and our wedding anniversary. This autumn season we have so much to look forward to and I’m using that as the catapult to bring me back into a routine and start fresh. It’s time I feel like myself again. I wanted to share my excitement with you and end the summer, as well as kick off the fall with happiness, eager hearts and so much to look forward to!


Autumn Goals, Events & Bucket List

What I’m looking forward to this season.




  • My husband’s birthday! This is the first time we will be celebrating his birthday as husband and wife and I was so excited to pick out a specific “husband” birthday card! 
  • Apple & Pumpkin picking! We make a point to go to the orchids every fall, but last year with all the wedding to-dos we completely missed it! So sad. We’re planning on going in about two weeks and I already have a ton of apple & pumpkin recipes just begging to be made!
  • Speaking of recipes, COOKING WITH PUMPKIN. OMG…I am so ready for pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING!! This time last year I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season and it was at the Starbucks in the Miami Airport on the way home from my bachelorette party trip. <–almost ended that with an exclamation point. I realize every bullet is ended with one…I mean, yea I’m excited but let’s not be obnoxious. -.-
  • The GRAND opening of BFX Studio! We had our soft opening two months ago but mid-September we’re really breaking out and introducing the studio to the city and I am so excited! 
  • Puppy visits!! Dan and I are looking to adopt a sweet little Boston Terrier this fall and plan on visiting a couple breeders in the coming weeks. If anyone knows any GREAT Boston Terrier breeders in the Tri-State area or even Pennsylvania, please comment or let me know by email!! 🙂
  • Late summer beach days. There is nothing quite like the ocean in September. The water is at its warmest after the hot days of August, the crowds are gone and the bronze sunsets are breathtaking.
  • Shorts & Booties. & SCARVES. Love, love, love!
  • Our FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!! <- totally warrants all the exclamation points. !




  • One of my favorite months! The colors of the leaves, the cool fall breezes and my favorite holiday ever.
  • My sister’s birthday!
  • My mother in law’s birthday!
  • The fact that we literally already have every weekend of October booked with fun fall and Halloween activities. Many of which involve pumpkins and Headless Horseman things…omigosh.
  • Autumn Fashion





  • Our seven year dating anniversary! Yup, still celebrate it.
  • My mom’s birthday!
  • Thanksgiving and ALL THE STUFF[ing].
  • Our annual anniversary trip to Newport, RI! First time we’ll be back since our wedding!
  • Hopefully cuddling with our new little puppy. Fingers crossed!


With all this excitement there is no room for sadness. Even though the fall will be busy it will be far less chaotic than last year and that brings some comfort. I feel settled, I feel happy and I feel like I’m finally in a routine. Now I just have to keep up with it every week of September and let that routine flow out into the rest of months, including carrying me through winter and giving me strength. 🙂 



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