Sprinkle Donut Painted Pumpkins

This is the Halloween decoration for people who don’t like Halloween decorations.


Which is actually a pretty ironic thing for me to be promoting considering the fact that I basically live for Halloween decorations.

Maybe we should say these are decorations for people who don’t like cheesy Halloween decorations? Although, I’m all for those too.


You know what? This is simply just a really friggin’ cute thing to do to a pumpkin. AND it’s a million times easier than the process involved with carving a Jack-O-Lantern as well as subtle enough to keep out through Thanksgiving.


Plus, who doesn’t like sprinkles? Edible or not, I mean…sprinkles.

They make people smile.

So do pumpkins.

Why not combine the two? Dunkin Donuts does it. I simply took the calories out of the equation. Again, weird for me.


Regardless, I’m obsessed. These are seriously so easy, even your kids can make them! If your kids are very young, give them the small brush and let them go to town painting the sprinkles…they’re pretty much impossible to mess up.


Here’s the deal: Grab yourself a handful of mini pumpkins. I got three because they were 3 for $2 and I’m a slave to grocery store marketing. I would suggest buying the white/cream colored pumpkins so you don’t have to paint the “donut base”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the cute lil’ creamies anywhere so I bought the traditional orange pumpkin dudes. I simply mixed a bit of brown and red paint into a giant puddle of white paint to create this muted tan color, trying to match the color of the pumpkin I originally wanted. After that layer dried I painted each with their respective frosting colors-pink for strawberry, white for vanilla and brown for chocolate. No mixing required, easy peasy.

After that layer dries comes the EASIEST part ever. Grab the finest paint brush you can find (I actually used a nail art nailbrush), dip it into whatever color paints you want to use for your sprinkles and draw quick little dashes throughout the “frosting” layer. Do as many or as little as you want, no matter how you paint them it will look GREAT!


The hardest part is waiting for the paint to dry so you can stack them up, take adorable pictures of them and find a place to put them.


Unfortunately mine still don’t have a permanent home because the contents of our kitchen continue to reside on our living room floor and dining room table.


These are TOO easy to pass up & I really hope you give them a try!! If you do, be sure to take a picture and tag me on Instagram @lindsayl0vee – I would LOVE to see your versions!



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