Bulletproof Coffee

AKA, let’s add oil to our coffee.


Or butter (preferably organic and from grass-fed cows), OR a combination of both!

At least that’s what all the cool kids are doing these days.

A while ago I saw some posts about this mysterious “bulletproof” coffee on Instagram. It seemed to be tagged mostly by the cross fit and Paleo community, so while I was slightly intrigued I never tried it simply because I’m not in that particular community, nor do I know much about the Paleo lifestyle.

Regardless, a few days passed and I continue to see these posts and became more and more interested. People were blending butter and coconut oil into their hot coffee and RAVING about it! Upon some further research (you know, getting hardcore and moving from Instagram stalking to the more sophisticated Google searching) I discovered that the addition of these solid fats to coffee helped the caffeine digest slower therefore resulting in greater and longer lasting energy without the common jitters or crashes. I have to admit, the idea of a steady stream of energy and focus got me curious. The idea of dropping a cube of butter and a spoonful of oil into my coffee, however, was still enough to deter me from actually trying it, despite the alluring promises and benefits.


Fast forward six months or so and here I am flipping through the latest issue of Food Network’s magazine when I see a huge full paged spread on “buttered coffee”. The magazine reiterated the notion of this promise of magical energy. Then, my girl crush (and daily blog stalk) Rebekah posted this recipe.

Ok, add in ALLTHECOCONUT and I’m sold.

This morning, I took the plunge. Here’s my tropical little cast of characters:


Vanilla almond milk, coconut water, Coconut Creme flavored coffee (from my second home, aka, The Fresh Market), my favorite mug and yes, organic unrefined coconut oil.

I brewed my coffee and dropped in a teaspoon of oil. I let it melt and added a hefty splash each of the coconut water and almond milk and gave a gentle stir. Not going to lie, I saw the oil separation at the top and it was slightly disconcerting. However, once I took a sip I totally changed my mind. It was comforting and refreshing all at once. Not only did it taste great but it powered me through my long run this morning and I can happily confirm that the steady stream of energy is a legitimate promise!


I’m hooked.


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