Halloween Nail Art with Julep

Those that know me, or at least follow me on Instagram know that I’m mildly nail obsessed.


To put it nicely.

Ever since I was in middle school the weekly to biweekly mani-pedi has been a consistent guilty pleasure of mine. When it comes to holidays, vacations and special events my corresponding manicure is the first place my mind runs to. My manicure even played a significant role in my wedding – it was my “something blue” (all fingers, except for my left ring finger were painted a pale slightly warm white while that ring finger was a striking pale blue).

I blame this obsession on my years in Catholic school. Wearing the same uniform every day meant I had to showcase my personality and add a little flair in ways other than my clothes. This came in the form of dyed hair, ridiculous experimentation with makeup (I’m looking at you, white eyeliner in ninth grade and caterpillar false lashes in tenth!) and, yes, weekly extravagant manicures. In Catholic school I didn’t spend much money on clothes. Even on the days I didn’t wear a uniform I kind of did…I pretty much wore nothing but yoga pants and a t-shirt to be casual or a tight tank top if I was being fancy. Money was spent on nails.

Needless to say, Nail Art is a trend I now fully embrace. I can’t even imagine how crazy I would have gone if nail art was as it is today back when I was in high school.


Seeing that it’s the middle of October, Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about Halloween manicures! I am quite the nail polish hoarder and one brand I especially love is Julep. I adore the sleek shape of their bottles and they fit so perfectly in my nail polish drawer!


Another thing I love about Julep is that they fully embrace the nail art trend! They have an abundance of colors and glitters and everything you need to make the best nail art! I’ve teamed up with them to offer some nail art inspiration for Halloween!

For the month of October they have a special limited edition Black Magic collection which was the inspiration behind my own nail design. Before I get into my design, I’d like to put a disclaimer out there that although I am an artistic chick, nail art does not come easily to me! If you’re like me and have a bit of trouble painting tiny designs on your hands, try doing nail art pedicures! I find painting my toes to be much easier. For this post I was inspired by Julep’s beautiful October colors and some crazy cool Halloween nail art I’ve seen throughout social media.


For my hands, I decided to use their Pumpkin Patch Gift Set as inspiration. I loved how the green and orange could allude to the holiday without being to kitchsy. I wanted to try a new-to-me nail art technique that seems to be incredibly easy, even for someone as inexperienced as me. I did the water marble technique on my ring finger and was blown away by how effortless it truly was!


Watching YouTube tutorials on “Water Marble Nail Art” is the best advice I can give you! I filled a small bowl with water and dropped my green and orange polishes in so they formed a few circles. Next, I pulled a toothpick through the circles to create my marbled design. I covered my cuticle with Scotch tape and dipped my nail in the water, when I pulled it out I was amazed to see the beautiful design had transferred right onto my nail!

I noticed a lot of their October colors were metallic and I love the way metallics elevate the Halloween trend, making it a little more adult and sexy-spooky. I chose a purple metallic as my base color, I always like the combination of dark purple and neon green around Halloween. For my design, since I’m not super skilled I kept it simple with a spider web, candy corns and the letters “B – O – O” across three toes.


Yes, I know it’s not the greatest nail art out there but both my mom and my husband knew that they were supposed to be spider webs and candy corn!! That was a win in my book. Throughout this post I’ve added photos of what my nail art dreams look like. I’ll keep practicing my own nail art but if you’ve got the skills I clearly lack, you MUST check out Julep’s amazing line of products! Their colors are incredibly vibrant and long lasting! This line is definitely a go to for anyone who loves a pretty manicure and pedicure.



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