Weekend Reflections: Welcoming Baby Gatsby!

Well, my husband and I FINALLY did it and got our PUPPY!!! Five years we have been waiting for him and I am so thankful that he is here, happy and healthy! He is a little Boston Terrier and we named him Gatsby. Gatsby was absolutely the highlight of our weekend, but so much more happened that made this weekend quite a roller coaster of emotions. On Saturday morning a very dear family friend of ours had a heart attack; she is under 30 years old. With respect to her and her family I do not want to go into any further detail. I am only mentioning it here to ask those who are reading to please send your love, prayers and positive thoughts to her for a full and speedy recovery. And, always, always tell your friends how much you love them and let them know how much they mean to you.

After Gatsby but before the news of my friend I made another break through in my marathon training. I ran 16 miles! It was a shocking distance especially because my toe is still recovering and I had planned on taking it easy and stopping if it hurt. It didn’t hurt, so I kept going although I did favor my left leg which left me with a swollen left ankle and blisters along my the inner side of my right foot from turning it inward to avoid bearing too much weight on the pinky toe. The reason I was able to complete the distance was because I took it incredibly slow (14 minute mile pace, when my typical long run leisure pace is 10-12) and ran soft dirt trails instead of concrete road. This was my first run after two weeks off as well as my first run in a month that it wasn’t raining! The beautiful scenery of the trails that wrapped around mirror reflective lakes and showcased all the beauty of the fall foliage was absolutely captivating. Who would want to stop?!

I could go on forever about our first weekend with Gatsby but I’ll keep it quick since I’m sure he’ll end up taking over this blog soon enough anyway. I will be sure to pop in with updates on his personality, training, etc. If anyone is interested about the breed or training questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email; I love talking puppy-care and hearing about other’s experiences! Oh, and if you want to know more about baby Gatsby or have a deeper peek into his life, check out his Instagram account! Of course I went there. Are you surprised?

Gatsby’s baby bag packed with toys, treats, cleaning wipes and other essentials, ready for pick up!


Friday afternoon, right after we picked up our baby at the airport!


We could not get enough of his little face on the car ride home! Poor baby was so nervous, but he warmed up quickly and let us hold, hug and love him. He was immediately friendly and welcomed us right away with sweet, warm puppy snuggles.


Love at first sight! So excited to become new parents!!


After we cleaned his paws and gave him something to eat he fully embraced us.


We brought Gatsby to my in-laws so they could meet their new grandson and my MIL gave us a loaf of her AMAZING pumpkin bread!! It is the BEST, hands down! There’s about a quarter of a loaf left. 


Pre-Halloween vampy manicure and a comforting cup of chamomile-mint tea.


The first lake view on Saturday’s magnificent run.


Beautiful fallen lead covered trails.


The final lake. I have not run this trail since my high school cross country practice. I was just as blown away by its beauty as I was back then, if not more!


Saturday night snuggles…puppy cuddles are the best cure for anxiety.


Out like a light.


Sunday afternoon my beautiful friend and her fiancé stopped by and brought these goodies for Gatsby. I can already tell his Auntie is going spoil him with love and kisses!


Bundling up for a coffee run on a brisk Sunday morning.


He has enriched our lives more in the passed 48 hours than I could have ever imagined. ❤


I hope you all had amazing weekends!! Please send a prayer to my friend



2 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections: Welcoming Baby Gatsby!

    • Thank you Morgan!! Everyone I’ve spoken to who is familiar with the breed has nothing but great things to say and I can already see why! Haha, the manicure obsession is the result of a lifetime of catholic school, only way to express yourself in a uniform lol xoxo

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