Weekend Reflections; Hiding Out

This weekend was quite uneventful. I completely skipped my training run that was on the agenda for Saturday morning and backed out of numerous plans with friends that had been on my calendar. I felt sick and lethargic with a lack of energy to do anything. Friday was a long day at work and Saturday morning I just woke up too early and was left feeling quite lethargic for the remainder of the weekend. I don’t think it was only the lack of sleep that threw me off track but also a lingering sense of sadness over losing Jackie. The last two weeks have been incredibly difficult. This weekend I simply wasn’t up for anything other than hiding out at home with my husband and my dog. As much as I love being with them, a random wave of sadness still hit me Saturday night that left me crying, completely out of nowhere. I am trying not to give in to the pull of depression but I am taking it one day at a time. I managed to get out on Saturday to make my hair appointment and being out and about did make me feel much better. After staying inside all day yesterday, I woke up a bit lethargic today. It’s not easy to push myself when I’m feeling like this but I know getting outside, working out and getting some much needed sunlight is what I need to help overcome this.

On Friday mornings my husband and I commute to the city together and the foliage at the train station was beautiful.


The Dunkin Donuts version of a Cronut..sadly, did not live up to its hype.


A soft, feminine manicure.


Heading outside for a family picnic in the park.


My boys met me in the city after my hair appointment on Saturday, and they brought an insane selection of donuts from my all time favorite donut spot, Dough. [ clockwise from top left: Cheesecake (my favorite), Pumpkin, Plain Glaze (Hubs favorite), Chocolate Glazed ]


My beautiful friend and phenomenal colorist brought my hair back to life. Gatsby approves!


Shortly after that shot, and after donut crumbs were licked away he passed right out. He had a long day Saturday and the city left him pooped.


The absolute greatest / “why didn’t I think of that?!” invention ever: The Ring Cozy. Think of a cozy for your beer, for your wedding bands. It always bothers me that I pretty much only wear my rings on the weekend because I do not wear them to work Mon-Fri. I have lost two diamonds from my wedding band while teaching fitness classes but with these awesome protectors I can safely wear my rings every day!


An adorable new greek spot opened in our area. Perfect for snow day outings.


Saturday night snuggles & lovin’.


Sitting on Daddy’s lap chewing away.


Not the most exciting but being surrounded by my little family certainly helped me stay afloat when I otherwise would have most likely sunken into a puddle of my own sadness. I had a conversation with a friend the other week about depression. We talked about how once you’ve been depressed once, there is always a part of you that worries about slipping back into that dark state. In a sense, even through a recovery you still feel fragile. It’s not easy to force yourself to stay afloat but being aware of that pull is the best thing. Sometimes it feels like the easiest thing to do is just fall back into it because it is so challenging to keep moving forward. In the end, we have to choose to be happy. It may not be easy at first, but I know it gets better and that’s what I’m choosing to move towards.



2 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections; Hiding Out

  1. LOL, I was wondering about the dunkin cronut. Glad I didn’t give in only to end up disappointed. Where did you find the ring protectors? That is an amazing invention!

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