Weekend Reflections; Time Flies

This previous weekend was the kind where you’re too exhausted to even do anything. Like too exhausted to go out, too exhausted to socialize, too exhausted to even go to a movie where, you know…all you do is sit. Yea.

Please tell me that’s happened to you too and my husband and I aren’t turning into fossils.

Saturday I was simply shot, which isn’t too surprising considering that my heaviest class load is on Friday. Friday is my longest and busiest day where I’m on my feet from about 6am to 9pm. This has started to become a problem since I typically do my long runs on Saturday and take a rest day Sunday. This week I decided to do my training run on Sunday and sure enough, after a day of rest on Saturday, I had a great run with a faster than usual time. I’m sure a pancake breakfast with my husband and a little bit of puppy snuggles beforehand didn’t hurt. Saturdays tend to be our errand day and now that my runs are lasting between 3-4 hours, all the errands have fallen on to Dan and by the time I’m home I’m beat and just want to shower, eat dinner and go to bed. Running on Sundays is just better for our family. I’ll probably start going to the gym with my husband on Saturday mornings just to foam roll and stretch because although I tell myself I’ll do it at home, I never actually do and being in the gym forces me to get to it and I really need to work on my MFR. My left ankle has been starting to bother me after long runs. It seems to swell a bit and become quite achey the following day. Have any of you experienced this before? I have a feeling the pain is in my fascia, which means it could be originating in my hip, knee or anywhere…

Probably going to need to see a physical therapist in the near future, the last thing I want to do is injure myself before the marathon, or train on an injury.

As for the title of this post…well, I simply can’t believe that Thanksgiving is here! Where did time go?! Every year the holidays creep up faster and faster. I swear, just YESTERDAY I was laying out on the beach. Seriously…WHAT IS HAPPENING.

I’m getting old…I know.

So..is this tacky? Not that I care because I honestly need it. I need ALL the pigs.


I’ve been putting off buying a French press coffee maker for FOREVER. I absolutely LOVE the way coffee tastes when prepared this way, it’s definitely my favorite. HOWEVER…it just always seemed SO complicated. Like, wait, I have to boil water? I hate myself for being SO lazy that if something requires more than one single push of a button I literally can’t be bothered. #internetgeneration. However, I finally took the plunge and watching my coffee steep is just as therapeutic as making tea and now I will never go back to my Keurig again. [Oh, and I got this adorable little guy for 15$ at Bed Bath & Beyond]


This was an impulse buy at Bed Bath & Beyond…yes, purely because of the pig.


Dan and I literally could not stop laughing at this photo!! It looks like Gatsby just totally knocked Dan out, like face went flying with that punch. I still cannot stop laughing.


Friday afternoon pick me up. If I ever do move away from NYC, I will most likely miss Nuts4Nuts the most. No joke.


Ok, I need help..how long can I leave my sugar skull pumpkin up for? I know skulls are a Halloween thing…but pumpkins can go through Thanksgiving and…it’s just…so…prettttyyyyy.

Saturday morning was spent at the vet where little guy got his rabies vaccine. Then we went over to my in-laws where he got lots of loving playtime with his grandparents.


Saturday afternoon baking.


My husband is NOT ok with puppies in the bed…not that we care.


I’m not sure who’s more obsessed with this cow & udder mug…him or me.


The most beautiful scenery on my Sunday morning run.


Pre-run pumpkin pancakes.


My mom and I introduced Gatsby to his Uncle Chewy! I think Chewy was a little upset about not being the baby..


And since the majority of my photos have been overtaken by this little pup, I feel comfortable letting you all know that I have officially become this person…..


I hope you all had a great weekend!! It’s super dreary and rainy so hopefully some of you are having a better, warmer and drier start to the week. If you’re in my area make sure you make the most of a rainy day and get in some good cuddles, a nap, or better yet, both!



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