Weekend Reflections ; Here Comes The Holidays

With Thanksgiving only days away I’m ready to indulge in all the festivities of the holiday season. What I’m looking forward to most is our annual trip to Newport, RI…the sweet little town on the Atlantic Ocean where we said our I Dos. Last year was the first (and hopefully only!) year that we didn’t make our little weekend trip to Newport. By the time Thanksgiving came we had only been home from our honeymoon for a couple weeks, I had just started a new job with the bulk of my classes on the weekends that I couldn’t really miss and we decided to cut back on our spending since we had just put so much money into our wedding and honeymoon. A weekend getaway, even a special one like this, seemed frivolous at the time and we had just spent the weekend in Newport two months prior for our wedding so it wasn’t like we totally missed out. However, I do remember feeling a wave of sadness from not partaking in such a special tradition. Our Newport weekend is a time when we celebrate our relationship and reflect on the years passed and how far we’ve come. On top of that, it’s also our own special way of kicking off the holiday season. When we arrive in Newport on Thanksgiving weekend the whole town is decked out in Christmas decor and the whole island just feels cheerful and magical. This year will be extra special because Gatsby will be joining us! I’m so excited to visit a dear and familiar place with the newest addition to our little family. I was so tempted to start putting up some holiday decorations (truth be told I’ve been buying a little ceramic cup ornament from Starbucks every time I buy coffee..) this weekend but Dan convinced me to wait until after Newport. On the other hand, he was dying to watch Christmas Vacation and I had to talk him out of that since that’s what we watch as we decorate! Everyone has their crazy little traditions this time of year, right?

This weekend was incredibly relaxing, which is just what I needed before the craziness kicks in. Dan and I also decided that we are going to take the month of December to focus on our health and our diets. We are both very consistent with the gym and exercise is certainly a top priority, however our diets have slipped quite a bit. I’m talking nightly cocktails, spontaneous pizza ordering, indulgent weekly lunch outings and too much snacking.  It’s so easy to fall into unhealthy habits when they creep into your daily life throughout the week. We both noticed that we simply haven’t been feeling our best and noticed ourselves feeling sluggish and unmotivated. We agreed not to keep any snacks in the apartment and get back on track with our typical healthy lifestyle. I made a list of goals for myself in December that focus on other aspects of a healthy lifestyle that seem to have fallen by the wayside for me. I will be sharing them this week because I feel like once I put my goals out publicly, I’m more likely to stick to them.

Ok, rant over. Here’s some snapshots from the weekend, this week is going to fly by and our next weekend will be here in a blink!

The most delicious iced cappuccino at The Grey Dog waiting for Dan to meet me for our weekly Friday lunch date.


Dan surprised Gatsby with these adorable new sweaters! I died of cuteness overload. He picked these up at the Grand Central Christmas Market


I ordered this “selfie camera” from Hisypix.com (I know, I KNOW…). Yes, somewhat for my own narcissistic tendencies but also I figured it’d be good for when we go to Newport. It’s basically a remote for your phone’s camera, so it’s like the self timer but you don’t have to rush to make it in the frame in time or awkwardly stand there waiting for the seconds to tick down. You set your phone up and hold this little button and press it to take the photo. I figured it’s a good alternative to being that annoying person approaching a poor stranger and asking for a photo…only to get a blurry pic with everyone blinking. 


Gatsby rocking one of his sweaters on an evening walk. I LOVE this one! It’s a monkey sweater and has a hood complete with little monkey ears.


Saturday morning serenity…a hot bath was exactly what my sore muscles needed at the end of a long week. A weekly soak is one of my December goals.


Running errands on Saturday afternoon.


Gatsby’s first puppy date!! This is our friend Denise (the one who introduced Dan and me!) and her giant pooch Izzy, she’s a sweet and loving Bull Mastiff.


Gatsby and Izzy got along GREAT but he got a little freaked out when she expressed interest in his little private area….I can’t even take his face!!


Puppy party!! What could be better?


Sunday morning runs are the best time for me to reflect and appreciate the beauty around me. How stunning is this little fall?


Gatsby had a very busy weekend and by Sunday evening he was totally pooped.


And his current state from this morning….the position in which he continues to reside. 


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! I love that our cold burst has finally broken and the weather is back into the high 50s! I hope it lasts for a while, especially the weekend! I’d love to get a run in while in Newport but sometimes at this time of year, especially with the ocean wind it’s just too cold.

Have a great week and make sure to get your workouts in before the feast!



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