Weekend Reflections; Holiday Limbo

Is it just me or does this “in between” in the middle of Christmas and New Year’s just feel like holiday limbo? Like, really the whole in between was just the WEEKEND…so, doesn’t that mean I can keep eating like its a holiday every day in between? Like, I don’t have to exercise in between right? Or do I take the “week”, which doesn’t really count as a “week” (because half of it’s the weekend anyway) to go hard at the gym and eat healthy and shit? Welp…I probably don’t even need to tell you that I went the holiday route. God put a weekend in the middle of Christmas & New Year’s for a reason and that reason is so we can enjoy ourseelves for ONE more week before the New Year Diet kicks in.

And this is why I passed all my logics courses in college.

Anyway, it was a wonderfully relaxing weekend spent with my husband, pup and our families full of doing, well, nothing. It’s the holidays. Still. 😉

He is literally SUCH a man. That’s all I have to say about this. 


Probably my favorite Christmas gift from my husband…well, aside from the Boston terrier mug and all the little piggies…ok, I loved everything but I EXTRA love this clutch from Kamera Jewelry. 


The raddest New Year’s Eve nails! Last year I was all about the gold & white, but the deep navy and ombré glitter takes it up a notch, a little sexier and perfect for a January evening. 


I always secretly used to get mildly annoyed at all those people who posted a bajillion pictures with their pup until I realized I only got annoyed because I was jealous that I didn’t have my baby yet. Now I’m officially that person…and probably the worst yet. I’m sorry. 


Speaking of being that incessantly annoying dog person…Gatsby is losing his baby teeth!!!! And I caught one and…..please don’t judge me… 

Saved it.

After photographing it first. Oh my gosh, I told you. Worst yet. 


I’m really outing myself as a crazy dog lady today. Like, full force. This was Sunday night’s forray into shopping the Bath & Body Works semi annual sale online, after too much wine. #smart


Mind you, I also shopped the STORE itself as well. Because, you know..they have different stuff…a different selection…dammit, I can actually SMELL all the things!!!! I went there to SMELL out what I wanted to order online and ended up walking out with this telling myself I didn’t NEED to shop the sale online. Then I went home, had a glass of wine and did JUST THAT. Tell me I’m not alone. Please. 


Target dollar bin necessities. If you know me, you know I cannot refuse anything mint green. Best color EVER. I bought this with no clue  what I’d do with it, but as it turns out, it makes the perfect lip gloss holder! 


Should I just dedicate this post to him? Let’s just rename my blog to Gatsby.com. All things googly-eyed, all day EVERYDAY, sprinkled with a few little snorts and maybe a fart or two.


I hope your holiday limbo weekend was wonderful!! What are your plans for New Years?? Or really, the important questions…who are you kissing at midnight and what are you drinking till then???



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