2015 Goals & Resolutions

Let me hypocritically start this post by saying that I am not a resolution maker. I am, however, a list maker and somewhat of an obsessive goal tracker. And, I want to try to start this year off as organized as possible: tracking goals, mapping out plans to achieve them and following up on progress. Putting it all in writing, and sending it out into the universe via this post will help me follow through. Resolution just seemed like the most fitting word, no?

This is a two part post. First will be a list of goals I hope to stick to throughout the year and second is an organization chart, which is here for the sole purpose of holding myself accountable for cleaning my apartment. Yup.

So, here we go, my goals for 2015 and how I plan to reach them!

  1. 80/20 – I used to follow the 80/20 rule for dieting pretty religiously but somewhere along the line I totally fell off. 80/20 basically means that for 80% of the week you eat healthy, nutrient dense foods and limit junk and alcohol, while that 20% of the time you allow yourself some indulgence. Some people do this day by day or week by week. I’m shooting for weekly. So what I plan to do is focus myself and eat clean for 5 days per week while also working out 5 days per week. No excuses! Monday-Friday I work anyway and typically don’t go out so there’s really no reason why I’d be over indulging or drinking too much. This isn’t even much for losing weight, its really more to feel better and take care of my health from the inside out. I haven’t been eating that poorly, I’ve just been imbibing almost daily [thank you, holiday season] and that’s a habit I need to kick ASAP. I’m using bracelets to reach this goal. Yup, you read that right. At the beginning of each week I am going to buy myself a bracelet (something small and simple) that I can wear to remind myself of my progress. Whenever I feel tempted to fall off I can look at my wrists and see how far I’ve come. I like looking back on what I’ve done rather than look forward, it’s more positive and empowering that way. Like when I run a long distance, I never think of how many miles I have left, I think of how much ground I’ve covered and that motivates me to keep truckin’ along. get-attachment.aspx
  2. Swimming – 2015 is the year of water for me. I’ve always known that the water gives me peace. Ever since I was a toddler I’ve been a “water rat”, as my mom liked to say. The beach was always my favorite place to be, spending more time IN the ocean than the sand, I was the first one to jump into a pool and stay in until one of my parents begrudgingly dragged me out and I’d stay in the bath way past the point of pruning. A few weeks ago I just asked myself, if I love the water so much why am I hardly in it? Of course my initial reaction was, “um, because it’s winter and you live in NY?”, but that’s not an excuse. If you love something, truly love it, you find a way to make it work. My gym has both an outdoor and INDOOR pool. WHY AREN’T I IN IT?! Like EVERYDAY! It’s a great way to shake up my cardio and foster that unique happiness only being the water can bring. Well, this morning was my first day at it and it was INCREDIBLE. Swimming has always been fun for me. We all know I adore working out, it’s one of my favorite hobbies, but this took it to an entirely new level. I swam for just under an hour and when I finished I felt such a high that I honestly still feel, and I was in the water seven hours ago. Not only was it a wonderful and fun experience, but my heart was racing and I was completely exhausted afterwards! I wore this one piece from Speedo & I loved it; very comfy and I LOVE that it has an extremely supportive built in sports bra! get-attachment.aspx
  3. Weekly Baths – Continuing with that whole need for water thing. Once again, when I was younger, even into high school, baths were my thing. They were my favorite way to relax and I could soak for hours. It’s time to bring that back! I’ve taken a bath once a week for the last two weeks and I will continue this! I purchased a few bottles of aromatherapy bubble bath from Bath & Body Works along with some bath bombs from Lush which I have on display in my bathroom to remind me to stick with this soothing habit. get-attachment.aspx
  4. Sunday Workouts – Sunday has a tendency to turn into an all day eating and TV watching bingefest. Especially when it gets cold out. Luckily, since Gatsby came home we’ve broken out of that lazy Sunday habit. Having to walk him constantly throughout the day has nixed the couch potato thing, however, my Sunday diet has still been on the crappy side. A surefire way for me to think about what I’m putting into my body is starting the day with a workout. Dan loves hitting the gym on Sunday, which is typically my rest day. To get me out of bed and to the gym as early as he goes on Sundays means I have to do something I really love, hence Sunday swim sessions. So far, so good! Plus, when we work out together we always go out for breakfast after, which means egg white and veggie omelets with whole wheat toast at the diner. get-attachment.aspx
  5. Yoga – This is for my stress management. For years I’ve had an on again off again relationship with yoga and its time to bring it back. I’ve been really digging Hot Vinyassa lately and my goal is to get at least one session per week in. get-attachment.aspx
  6. Write – I plan on writing at least once a day. Whether it’s blogging or journaling, whether its one sentence or a hundred paragraphs. This is another thing I used to do every night when I was younger. I have always been a consistent journal-er and it’s a habit I miss immensely! I would love to write a novel, that’s something that’s always been a dream of mine and this year I want to focus my writing on that. I’m going to see where my pen takes me and let the plot reveal itself in time. get-attachment.aspx
  7. Do one creative thing a day – This is in addition to my daily writing. By creative I mean drawing, painting, cooking or a DIY project. It could even be decorating, which is something I’ve really come to love. I would also like to start (and actually FINISH) a scrapbook this year. Basically, this is anything that gets my creative juices flowing and allows me to explore different artistic outlets. Art has always been a huge part of my life and I’m not willing to let it go anytime soon. get-attachment.aspx
  8. Continue Reading a Book a Week – I really don’t even need anything to remind me to keep up with this goal. I’ve always loved to read and now that I have so much time to read thanks to my commute, I’m still reading as much as I was over the summer. I’m currently reading some of Barbara Dellinsky’s old romance novels from the 80s. Love. get-attachment.aspx
  9. Date Night – Dan and I have gotten SO lazy with this, especially with Gatsby! With him, we just want to stay home all the time; it’s so hard to leave those googly eyes. However, when we do end up going out we have so much fun. We are trying to save for a house which is why we cut back on our weekly dining out in the first place. Once a month is enough and the infrequency of it makes it that much more special which is really nice. get-attachment.aspx
  10. Church – at least twice a month. It’s really the least I can do for all that God has done for me. Waking up each morning is all the reminder that I need for this one.

Along with these 10 constant goals for the year is my goal to stay organized, which really is my goal nearly every day since I’m naturally incredibly disorganized. People often tell me I seem super organized, which is an awesome compliment because I truly try my hardest to be even remotely organized. So, I decided that this year I’m going to post a monthly organization chart on the blog to remind myself to clean and visually map out what needs to be done. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post here in case anyone else is as hopeless as me when it comes to organization. I love seeing other people’s schedules, plans and to do lists (a bit voyeuristic, I know..but I’ve always been fascinated with the way other people schedule and organize their life, like if I could read everyone’s planners/calenders, etc. I’d be in heaven. Is that incredibly bizarre?), so here’s mine! I’ll post a new one at the beginning of each month. This is specific to my apartment/life.

January Organization Schedule

Week 1 { Jan 4-10 } : Clean out & reogranize all makeup

Week 2 { Jan 11-17 } : Clean through gym clothes dresser; throw out rarely worn items, put out of season clothes in storage

Week 3 { Jan 18-24 } : Clean casual clothes dresser; throw out rarely worn items, put out of season clothes in storage

Week 4 { Jan 25-31 } : Clean out CVS closet & bathroom vanity. Separate & organize daily use products, travel products, etc.

I hope you all have a great 2015 and meet all the goals you’ve set! If you have any organization tips or want to share your own goals and resolutions leave me a comment or chat with me through email!



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