Weekly Pinspirations

One of my biggest goals for the new year is keeping myself consistently motivated and inspired. I’ve always been a big fan of vision boards and motivational photos. I’ve been on Pinterest for a few years now but this year I’m trying to focus mostly on my inspiration boards rather than JUST my recipe boards. My top three motivational areas are fashion, home decor/art and quotes. Working at a fitness studio means that I’m always in spandex and workout clothes and I definitely get lazy with my style. I want to stay inspired with new outfit ideas and continue to challenge and explore my own personal style. Lately, I’ve really gotten into interior design so I’m trying to explore my taste in that and continue to tweak my home and develop my vision. Finally, words and images have always spoken to me. I love quotes as reminders and motivational pushes. Every Tuesday I’ll be popping in to share some of latest pinspirations. Hope you enjoy!


{ minimal / light wood / soft details }


{ whimsical / travel }


{ just as lived in as leggings, but far more visually appealing }


{ home away from home }


{ wake up & smile }



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