Winter Favorites

Back when I wrote my summer favorites, I figured this would be a seasonal thing. However, I realized I pretty much use the same products I use during the summer throughout autumn. Especially this year where we had an unseasonably warm fall. My skin really didn’t change much. I started incorporating a few winter products in late November, but now I’m in full blown winter mode. That means dry skin, brittle hair and a never-ending need for all the moisturizers. On top of that I’m also swimming and chlorine + winter weather is one of the most awful combinations ever. So, I decided now is the best time to share this post. We still have a couple more months left of winter and these are the products getting me through. The only thing I’m missing is some hair care stuff. If anyone has any recommendations on shampoo, conditioner, leave-ins, oils, etc. for hair please email me or leave a comment! The chlorine is killing my already dry, damaged hair and I’m not sure how to combat it. I’ve been trying out different products quite frequently but have not settled on any great ones yet.


You can’t tell from the above photo but what I’m really loving this season is oil. I am literally all about the oil. Oil for my face, hair and body. I’ve been dousing myself in it. When the air gets cool and dry, combined with the drying, artificial heat indoors I can’t get enough hydration and moisture. On top of these products, I’ve also been drinking as much water as possible. Hydrated skin and hair comes from within first.

Body Products


1. Jergens Shea Beauty Oil & Philosophy Fresh Cream : I’ve also been a fan of body oil but I’ve never actually bought anything like this before. In the past I used coconut or olive oil. My mom got me this Jergens oil for Christmas and I am in love with it! It gives the same hydration as the coconut or olive oil and it has a nice fresh, clean scent. I completely cover myself in it after my nightly shower, before I go to bed. I still layer lotion over it, my current favorite is this one from Philosophy. I like how the lotion kind of seals in the oil and gives extra hydration. This Philosophy lotion is incredible! It’s so rich and velvety and it smells like fresh vanilla infused whipped cream! Even Dan loves the scent. It makes my skin feel so silky soft, even without the oil! The combination of the two is the winner though. Every time I have both on Dan can’t stop commenting on how smooth and soft my skin is.

2. The Healthy Deodorant : This is the same deodorant I used over the summer I just switched to a different scent. I love this lemon vanilla scented one. It’s a little fresher scented and blends better with my winter perfumes than the pure vanilla that wore all summer and fall.

3. Victoria’s Secret Self Tanner : The scent is coconut mango and it smells like an early morning on the beach. It’s a very light self tanner both in scent and color. It’s perfect for winter skin because it’s not very dark at all so it creates a beautiful glow without being streaky or obvious. It’s also incredibly moisturizing, a necessary plus.

Facial Moisturizers


1. Kiehl’s Abyssine Cream : This was in my other post, it’s a year round favorite. It’s one of my favorite anti wrinkle creams. I especially love it because I can wear it at any time of day and it never causes a break out. It’s the perfect cream for the morning because it absorbs immediately and doesn’t leave my skin looking greasy. It’s also light enough that it doesn’t clog my pores when I teach or workout with it on.

2. Kiehl’s Parthenol Protein Moisturizing Face Cream : Unlike the Abyssine cream, this product I can only use during the winter, at least on my face. I actually use this cream on my neck and chest year round. However, it’s a bit too thick for my face during warmer and more humid months. In the summer it makes me break out like crazy but in the winter it soaks right into my skin and leaves me perfectly moisturized. I do not wear this cream during the day as it will clog my pores if I wear it before I work out or under makeup. I put it on in the afternoon (after any work or workouts) or nighttime. It’s also thick enough that I can wear it instead of makeup during the day. It leaves my skin looking healthy and even so I can pair it with just mascara and be good to go.

3. Glamglow Thirsty Mud : This stuff is my lifeline!! It’s hands down my absolute favorite product! I love it so much that I even got a jar of it for my sister for Christmas because I think everyone should have this in their life! It’s the only super duty moisturizer I’ve ever used that’s hydrated my skin without giving me a hint of a breakout. I wear it over night and I glob it onto my face. It all soaks in and by morning my skin looks dewy, healthy and younger and fresher than it did in high school. It’s incredible. You would not believe the way this stuff makes you glow.

4. Evian Facial Mist : Whenever my skin feels dry or tight I spray this all over it. If I’m not moisturizing right after a shower, I use this. I know some people roll their eyes at this product but I love it. When my husband and I travel in March, I will be spraying this all over my face and neck before applying a thick layer of the Glamglow.

5. Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil : I’ve been curious about this product now for over a year and I finally took the plunge and bought it. I’m SO glad I did!! It gives a similar hydrating effect as the Glamglow. When I swim my face gets incredibly dry. Immediately after my post swim shower I massage this oil into my skin. It soaks in almost instantly and never leaves me looking greasy. I use it day and night and even under makeup. It’s never clogged my pores. I have oily/combination skin that only dries out in the winter and I’m amazed at how well it’s reacted to this oil.



Bath & Body Works Fresh Sparkling Snow : This soap makes me almost kind of happy it’s winter. It smells wonderful. It’s a crisp scent without being fruity or perfumey and the foam is light enough that even through constant washing it doesn’t dry out my hands. Also, the bottle is quite adorable on display in my bathroom.



1. Kai : This is my go-to scent during the winter when I want to feel like summer. It reminds me of flowers blooming on the beach in Hawaii. It’s also not overwhelmingly “beachy” so I feel like I can get away with it past the summer.

2. Tom Ford Velvet Orchid : This is my go-to wintry scent. It’s floral yet still a bit musky and just works so well this time of year.



1. Argan Oil : Still using the same two products on my hair as the summer and honestly, they’re good but they’re just not cutting it. I’ve been blowing through this argan oil. I put it on my ends after showers and rub it all over my hair before I swim.

2. Kiehl’s Leave In Conditioner : Still using this religiously and still believe it’s the best leave in ever.



1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit : This winter, unless I’m going out, I’ve been incredibly light on the makeup. This contour kit is my go to. I’ve been using the darker shades instead of bronzer but also as a subtle eyeshadow. It’s so quick and easy and no matter how I apply it, the results are always flawless.

2. Maybelline Pure BB Cream : This time of year my skin is just too dry for thick foundations. It just ends up looking super cakey and makes my dryness even more noticeable. What I’ve been doing is slathering my skin in moisturizer then dabbing some of this on with a damp beauty blender. I finish it off with the contour kit and a little Mac Fix + spray and I’m good to go.

3. Sun Bum Lip Moisturizer : I first discovered Sun Bum products in Hawaii and I can’t get enough. Their SPF and lotions are great in summer but these lippies are perfect year round. I love the SPF 30 in the summer but I love the quality of this product in the winter. It’s the thickest most moisturizing chapstick I’ve ever used. It never leaves my lips dry and it tastes incredible!! This is the banana but I have every flavor and I rotate them. It leaves my lips looking nice as well so along with the rest of my light makeup routine, this ends up being my “lipstick”. Simple, healthy, hydrating and perfect!

What are you loving this winter?? Let me know, especially your favorite moisturizing hair products! I’ve been told that Wen Haircare is great, but I smelled it in Sephora and I just did not dig it at all.



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