Weekly Pinspirations

Do you believe in manifestations? Like, along the lines of The Secret, where you can pretty much think about something you want and manifest it to happen in your life. Basically, when you want something, you think about it as if you have it, or that it’s soon coming to you. The concept is that what you think is what you send out into the universe and the universe delivers it to you. I’m kind of in line with this. I mean, I do believe in manifesting what you want, to a degree. Let’s just say I don’t think I can think about becoming a billionaire and wake up next week as such. However, I do believe there’s power in thinking about and “manifesting” your goals. If you really want something or to accomplish something, thinking about it in a positive manner will definitely help it come to fruition. The way I see it is if you’re constantly thinking about something, imagining that you already have it, you are probably working your tail off to ensure that it comes to you. So while you’re hoping, wishing and thinking you’re also working. Positive thought does’t make the goal “appear” but it keeps you on track and I do believe it brings you there. If you think you can, you more likely than not, CAN. Am I making sense?

My whole point in this ramble takes us to a very profound place: Pinterest. Hear me out. Pinterest, in a sense, really is a visual way of manifesting your goals. You pin these things you want, whether it’s the home of your dreams, your ideal wardrobe or ideal body. You refer to your Pinterest boards, striving and working to attain what your mind has designed on this site. You continue to take the steps to get there. Well, one of my far-reaching boards is my beach house board. Dan and I don’t even have our permanent house yet, we’re still in an apartment, so I know that second luxurious little beach house is a way’s off, BUT, in my mind, it’s possible. Sure, it’s a matter of hard work for both of us, along with super strict budgeting and saving, but, it’s somewhere within reach. Every time we go away we fantasize aloud together about our potential “weekend beach home”, wherever it may be and whenever we may get there. But, we never talk about it as a maybe, it’s always more, “when we get it”. So matter how long it takes, together we are manifesting it happening, and it will. It may not be this spacious luxurious dream home that I’ve already fully decorated via Pinterest but that’s ok, because even if we have a half a shack in the sand, we’re happy.


{ totally rad pineapple lamp & an assortment of muted toned candles }


{ a roundie & nightly bonfires }


{ no matter how warm it gets, faux fur always has a place. & indoor hammock? um, yes }


{ give me all the bright whites with a sandy taupe accent }


{ oh, and i’ll take some boho color, too. i could get lost in this room for hours }

I think it’s a thing, dreaming of beach homes and warm days makes a cold, dark winter day infinitely better.



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