Weekend Workout: Daisy Duke Gams

So, we’re starting something new here! Weekend Workouts is a new feature I’ll be posting every Thursday. I know a lot of people like to take the weekends to rest, but I’m a big fan of doing my toughest workouts on the weekend! The weekend is when I really relax on my diet, therefore I like to do a killer workout to balance out my weekly indulgences. I teach several classes at BFX Studio on Fridays and they’re my busiest by far. I like to think we’re all just a bunch of weekend warriors. 😉 The people who take my class are always looking for something to do outside the studio. I love seeing my clients off with “homework”, exercises they can do on their own either in a gym or at home. So, this is what we’re doing here. Each Thursday I’ll post a new workout highlighting a different area of the body. Of course, we’re basing it off of my favorite clothing styles! That’s why today we’re kicking off the first Weekend Workout post with….LEGS! To rock our Daisy Dukes, of course.

It’s no secret that I love my Daisy Duke cutoffs. I’ve been slicing the legs off my jeans since I was in high school. Yup, jeans don’t last long around me. I’ve even cut up my husband’s jeans and turned them into loose fit, “boyfriend cut” Daisy Dukes.


As cute as Daisy Dukes are on their own, there’s one thing that never fails to make them look even better and that’s a tight, toned pair of legs to wear them on. Of course, we’re in the middle of January and for some of us it’s too cold to even think about cut offs, however, skinny jeans are my winter go-to and they crave great stems just as much. I work my legs constantly between all the walking I do in my daily life, teaching spin and swimming but, on top of that, I focus on training them with weight bearing exercises at least twice a week.

Daisy Duke Gams

We’re alternating between tabatas & circuits here. Tabata = 8 rounds of 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest for a total of 4 minutes. Do the move for 20 seconds, rest for 10, repeat 8x. A circuit is a block of 3 or more exercises that you do back to back with no rest until you’ve finished all three moves. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat 2x more. Each move is linked to a YouTube video that shows proper technique and form.

Equipment needed: If at a gym, use kettle bells, dumbbells, or barbells, a bench and a 10-12 lb medicine ball. If at home be sure to have something to step up on like a chair or even coffee table; you can do all moves with body weight, or grab something heavy to hold like a gallon jug of water.

Round 1: Circuit, Repeat 3x

  • Squat – 15 repetitions {weighted: barbell across back of shoulders or hold kettle bell at chest level}
  • Step up – 10 reps each leg {weighted: hold 1 dumbbell in each hand}
  • Good Morning – 15-20 repetitions { weighted: barbell across back of shoulders}

Round 2: Tabata – do each move for 4 rounds, alternate each tabata for a total of 8 rounds

  • Air Squat {put a medicine ball on the floor and squat down low enough to tap your butt on the ball; if at home, stack 2 pillows}
  • Jump Squat

Round 3: Circuit

  • Lateral Lunge (alternate) {weighted: hold kettle bell at chest level}
  • Courtesy Lunge (alternate) {weighted: hold one dumbbell in each hand or barbell over back of shoulders}
  • Sumo Squat {weighted: hold kettle bell or dumbbell together with both hands in front of your hips, tap floor with weight as you lower}

Round 4: Tabata – Do each move 4x. Alternate each tabata.

DONE! Don’t forget to warm up first. To warmup, I alternate between a few minutes of jumping jacks, jump rope or a 10 minute incline walk on the treadmill. Make sure to stretch after this one! the tabata bursts keep your heart rate elevated so you can get some cardio in while you lift. The non-stop action of the circuits combined with weights keeps the sweat coming! Have fun 🙂



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