Weekly Pinspirations

So here we are stuck inside thanks to this bust of a blizzard. Dan, Gatsby and I have been laying around like three lazy lumps on a log. We tried to take a walk around the neighborhood–Gatsby started shivering after .2 seconds, even with all his gear and boots on so we took him back inside. Then Dan and I headed out on our own for coffee. Dunkin was closed, so we went with plan b, the always reliable 7/11. Then we headed to CVS for some snacks and other things and of course, that was also closed. All this for about 3 or 4 inches? They predicted this massive, super dangerous storm and….it’s kind of flurrying. I’ll take it though! I’m not the biggest fan of huge winter storms and I don’t mind being stuck inside with my two favorite guys all day. Dan is currently teaching Gatsby how to crawl and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m feeling inspired by the pretty sparkle of the fresh, powder soft snow so here are some beautiful winter scene photos that I’m ogling over on Pinterest. Yup, I’m actually embracing the season and living in the moment!!


{ daybreak & fresh snow }


{ the cutest little snow fox }


{ white out }


{ perfect winter centerpiece }


{ there’s just something about a lamp post & a snowy day }



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