Scenes from Juno

So last night and today Storm Juno hit…and was a bit of a bust.


Nevertheless, all of New York City and its surrounding areas was granted a snow day. That means that Dan and I found out yesterday that we’d be off from work today. So it’s basically been like a pretty awesome extended weekend. With a touch of cabin fever because we couldn’t actually go anywhere by car (roads weren’t too safe) and when we tried to take a walk we found that everything was closed. Snow Day for everyone. Today made me feel like I was back in high school. I can’t remember a time post high school that I’ve experienced this kind of legitimate Snow Day. A few things I realized today is that when it comes to Snow Days, not much changes…even 10 years later.


The only difference is that in high school, I was always stuck alone with my family (which at this point in my life sounds like the best thing ever but as a teenager, it was the total opposite). I went to Catholic school so all of my friends were from different towns and areas. So when it snowed we were all stuck in the confines of our own homes, we were far too young and experienced to be trusted driving our parent’s cars in the snow and lord knows our parents could not be bothered carting us around in those conditions just to ease our boredom. So back then Snow Days consisted of sleeping in, naps, chatting on AOL Instant Messenger and constant snacking.


Yea, not much has changed. The only difference is that now my family consists of my husband and puppy and a day stuck inside with the two of them is literally my number one ideal for a good time. Just like in high school the day consisted of lots of naps and snuggling, way too many snacks, a total lack of showering and all things hygienic (just being real..) and a tiny little bit of time spend outdoors playing in the snow and, yup, snacking on it.


The few things that changed? Actually spending a Snow Day with my boo! Dan and I have been married for over a year and have been together for almost 8 (living together for about 7 of them), but living with him still feels like I just moved in with my boyfriend for the first time. We have opposite work schedules (we always have) so during the week we rarely see each other, so on weekends and rare days off like this I can’t shake that feeling of feeling like I’m 16 playing hooky with my boyfriend. Is that strange?


Also unlike high school, instead of AOL Messenger, my friends and I chatted from our snowed-in home via text, voice and video chat. Instead of describing what the view from our bedroom window looks like over the phone we Instagram our scenery pictures and #candlesandcuddles shots for all our friends to see. Instead of watching whatever daytime TV cable subjected me to, today I have the luxury of choosing to watch whatever the hell I want, and without commercials thanks to Netflix. Instead of relying on whatever my parents had in the house, I created and made my own snacks.


But, the fun and novelty of a random Tuesday off thanks to a blanket of white stuff never gets old. I’m grateful that everyone I know is safe and that I got so much extra time with my two favorite guys this week. In comparison, high school Snow Days don’t even stand a chance.


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