Weekly Pinspirations

I know I have been seriously slacking on the posts this week and I apologize, it’s been quite a busy and hectic week! Even today I have been at work since 7am, yup on a Saturday! I had a day long certification course on suspension training. I lugged my laptop to the city with me thinking I would have some down time throughout the course to sneak away and blog or write a bit but….that never happened. Actually, during our one break myself and two other trainers spent our “downtime” upside down and in various inversions playing around with the suspension cables. I did a walking handstand and some flips! Happy to report that this chick still has some serious upper body strength and core stability. “Working out” on this type of equipment takes me back to my childhood and playing on the playgrounds! It’s sort of like monkey bars and those rings that hung from them, which my sister and I always used to flip on. Once or twice I had a bad fall that completely knocked the wind out of me, but of course it never deterred me….obviously, as here I am doing it for a living.

Anyway, I decided I had to get a quick post in tonight so I figured a Pinspiration would do. Ever since we’ve been together Dan and I have always taken a trip around the end of winter/early spring. This started mainly because I was in college when we started dating and I had time off for spring break. I love that it’s become somewhat of a tradition and, in a sense, I still get to partake in spring break. We haven’t actually finalized a trip just yet but of course that hasn’t stopped me from fantasizing about where we could go and planning out potential outfits in my head. I even started a new Pinterest board dedicated solely to “travel style”. I’m trying to look for simple outfits where one piece can be worn in a variety of ways without making every outfit of the trip look like one big repeat. I have a terribly embarrassing overpacking problem…like, I literally get looks in the airport. It’s a struggle I’ve been dealing with since, well, forever, BUT I’m finally trying to stop it. Or, you know, travel with a minimum of 8 or 9 bags instead of 10 or 12.

I’m an embarrassment, i know. Anyway, here are some really sweet looks that I’m hoping to recreate, whatever our next trip may be! Oh, and if the outfit seems wintry and we go to a warm destination, be assured I’ll just pair the top portion with daisy dukes, duh.


{ I don’t know what it is, but I ADORE the combination of leopard and plaid. I have leopard booties that look very similar to the ones pictured and a thick, fluffy red plaid blanket scarf. Pair in black neutrals=perfection. }


{ Here’s my plaid and bootie obsession raging on. Love this half tucked, oversized, sheer plaid paired with ripped skinnies and an open toe bootie–have to show a peak of that vacay pedicure. Also love the way she matched her bag to the accent of her top and added just one simply stacked arm. }


{ I’m a big fan of an oversized sweater and skinnies. I typically pair my chunky knit sweater with ripped skinnies, nude pumps and a sparkly clutch for a night out but I’m loving this daytime look with it paired with cuffed skinnies and chucks! An OOTD must if we go somewhere that involves daytime touring. }


{ If you know me than you know my love for denim jackets. I mean LOVE. My denim jacket is one of my favorite articles of clothing and it’s a style I’ve been wearing since freshman year of high school. That probably wasn’t the best thing to admit. Whatevs. I normally pair mine with leggings, flip flops and either a fitted or flowy tank. I LOVE the way she paired it with jeggings (or cuffed leggings), sharp white chucks, and this adorably chic knotted top }


{ I love, love, love, this outfit. Like, SO much. I pinned this a few weeks ago and every weekend I’ve been tempted to wear it but I’m holding out for a trip. I have a lightweight white sweater from H&M that looks almost identical to this, and I seriously dig the way she paired this with leggings and chunky booties. I only wore mine in the summer with shorts. The way she paired it with simple black accessories and undone hair really elevates the casual look. Perfect for a daytime vacation look when you’re out and about but most likely still want to look cute in the myriad of photos you’ll most likely be posing for. }



2 thoughts on “Weekly Pinspirations

  1. I love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

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