Weekend Reflections; Working Weekend

This weekend was a bit different than most. Instead of working all day on Friday I only went in for the morning and then worked all day on Saturday. Unfortunately, there was a death in the family and Dan and I went to attend the memorial service on Friday which is why I wasn’t able to work a full day. Fortunately, since the service was in the city I was able to go into work early and still get my first class in. I ended up going in a little earlier than normal for a Friday so I could squeeze in a quick early morning workout before I taught. The best part about working at a gym is always having access to a fully stocked locker room! I was easily able to shower and get ready before heading uptown to meet my husband at his office where I could drop off my gym/work bag before heading to the service. On our way home we stopped for dinner and then both went to bed at an uncharacteristically early hour. It had been a long day and I needed rest for an even longer day that was to follow.

Saturday was another incredibly early start. Once again I headed to work earlier than I needed to squeeze in a workout. I didn’t realize how much we actually had to work out during the certification so by the time I got home I was physically drained. Fortunately, my husband had candles lit and dinner waiting by the time I arrived home. I stopped at Magnolia Bakery before I caught my train home to surprise him with dessert. Sunday morning I woke up almost unbearably sore. Sunday was the absolute definition of a lazy day (despite the fact that we did hit the gym early Sunday morning, though I really couldn’t handle much more than a VERY light swim). After the gym we spent the majority of the day snuggled up on the couch with Gatsby, binge watching Revenge on Netflix. Later that evening we all took a drive to take Dan to his physical therapy appointment and grabbed Chop’t salads for dinner. Sunday was another early night and though I’m still feeling pretty achey and sore, I finally feel recovered and refreshed after a long, both physically and emotionally draining weekend.

I hope your days off included a lot more downtime!!

I bought this Gurgle Pot back in November when we visited Newport and finally got around to using it. This weekend we used it as a lemonade pitcher but it’s just too cute to hide away in the fridge. This week I’m hoping to pick up some flowers to stick in here and leave him out on display. I’m thinking white and green would look nice, so maybe a nice fresh white bloom with big green leaves. I’m terrible with flowers so if anyone knows an arrangement that may look like that, please share!


Friday evening dinner with my husband…yes, I spent my calorie allotment on wine, don’t judge. 


On Friday I had to get ready quick so I went with my all time favorite effortless hairstyle. Are you ready? Step 1, wash hair. Step 2, let air dry about 75%, step 3, spritz generously with a sea salt spray (I’ve been using the one by Marc Anthony). DONE! You literally don’t even need to wait for it to dry! 


Dan made and packed breakfast for me to take to work on Saturday morning and I just about died when I saw the cute little heart he drew on it…or, you know, kind-of heart shaped thing, which just makes it that much cuter. 


Knowing Dan was prepping dinner meant I had to do something for dessert…


His dinner was one of our favorites–homemade poke!! Brings us right back to Hawaii, and makes us kind of depressed that there’s no Umeke’s near us. 


This man takes his poke seriously…he goes all out with the selections.


Weekend manicure…not sure what drew me to all the blue. Valentine’s Day is this Saturday, probably should’ve gone with something pink or red, right? Oops..


This is what Sunday looked like. All day. We were all just a bunch of lumps on a log.


Until we had to take a drive, no makeup, air dried hair…aka lazy day on the go.


Our favorite physical therapist! If you live in Westchester and need a PT, Maureen is your girl!! I wrote an in depth review of my experience with her last year. 


Sunday night Gatsby couldn’t stop whining after he went to sleep, which he NEVER does. Dan went to take him for a walk, played with him a bit but he just wouldn’t stop. Finally Dan realized that he didn’t have any toys in his crate (we always put his favorite toys in his crate for him to sleep with). Dan grabbed his favorite toys (his pig, his monkey and his turkey) and snuggled them all into his bed and sure enough Gatsby fell right asleep, not a peep the rest of the night. We just about died because it was the cutest thing ever!! He’s such a little goober; he just needed his little buddies. 


Happy Monday! Hope you guys don’t get hit with too much snow, but if you do, I’ll be back later this week with a great and super easy snow day DIY!



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