Weekly Pinspirations

Dan and I kind of have a thing for Sunday breakfast. When we’re being strict with our diets (which we currently are) we keep it clean Monday through Friday and indulge on two meals during the weekend. Instead of two dinners we do one “free for all” dinner (usually Saturday night) and one indulgent breakfast on Sunday morning. If forced to choose only one of the two, we’d probably pick the Sunday breakfast (so long as mimosas are included).

Lately, however, we haven’t been super strict with our weekly diets so we really haven’t been indulging much on the weekends. Sunday mornings have basically consisted of egg whites and English muffins or the occasional bagel run. This past weekend we got completely sucked into Auntie Fee’s YouTube channel. Granted, we watch her more for entertainment purposes than actual cooking instructions but a video of hers that included pancakes sparked a craving in both of us. At the end of the video Dan looked at me and asked if we could make pancakes this Sunday. It just made me realize that we haven’t had homemade, or any, pancakes since I published my whole wheat pumpkin pancake recipe back in November. And that’s a damn shame! Almost as much of a shame as the way we’ve been flat out slacking on one of our favorite weekly indulgences. So, here are some pins I found myself drooling over while searching for the perfect pancake recipe. Hopefully this post will keep me inspired enough to step my breakfast game up!


{ I don’t care what type of pancakes these are…they’re just sooo pretty! Dan likes his pancakes completely plain with no add ins whereas I like mine full of STUFF (banana walnut, blueberry, chocolate chip…I don’t discriminate) so fresh fruit as an optional topping is a perfect compromise. }


{ Baked eggs are one of those things that I forget how much I love until I see them on a menu (or Pinterest). They’re super easy and delicious! I’ve made baked eggs in muffin tins, frittatas, eggs baked into both avocado and tomato halves but I’ve never done JUST eggs, potato and herbs. I guess it’s kind like a deconstructed or unmixed frittata, right? Regardless, eggs and potatoes are always a delicious and filling combo no matter how you prepare them. PS–my immature palette would absolutely ruin this dish with a hefty squirt of ketchup. Just keepin’ it real. }


{ Sooo…this would be peaches and cream French toast and I’m just wondering why this isn’t in front of my face right.now. }


{ I’ve only made baked oatmeal once but it was for my friends (we were going out for my friend Jackie’s birthday and I knew we would end up trashed and crash at her house so I thought ahead and brought breakfast for the next morning–baked oatmeal is the perfect make ahead, no assembly or work required the next morning hangover breakfast) and it was not banana walnut. This is perfect for a lazy Sunday because it can be made in advance. }


{ This right here…if it’s on a brunch menu it’s always what I order. If I see it, I don’t even look at the rest of the descriptions. It’s usually called Eggs in Purgatory but I’ve also seen it listed as Shakshuka. Whatever name it goes by, it’s always delicious. Up until this pin I never realized how simple it really was. I mean, it’s really just eggs baked in tomato sauce, but there’s a restaurant by me that serves it over warm polenta and it’s just sooo flavorful, so I’m just going to say that’s what threw me. Anyway, these are simply too easy not to make! }


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