The DIY for People Who Don’t DIY

I kid you not when I tell you this is the easiest, most effortless “craft”. So easy, I almost don’t even feel comfortable calling it a craft because craft usually hints at there being some sort of effort involved.


What’s crazy is that despite the minimal time, effort and supplies needed to make this, it’s outrageously beautiful and looks like you either spent hours creating it or spent way too much money buying it.

It’s a candle votive that looks like icy snow and when it’s lit it absolutely sparkles. It really looks like a beautiful glowing snowball. What I love the most is that it’s just as pretty even when it’s not lit. When the candle is not burning it looks a bit more opaque, and basically just looks like a cute little snowball sitting on your window sill (or wherever you put yours).


This DIY is for the following people:

  • People who like easy crafts
  • Candle lovers
  • Candle collectors
  • People who like winter
  • People with kids (SUPER easy to do with little ones!)
  • People who like DIYs/crafts but don’t have the time for them
  • People who like DIYs/crafts but never seem to do them well


It’s easy, foolproof and takes under five minutes to make. For real.

First, get your supplies. You’ll need the following:


  1. An empty candle jar [to get leftover wax out of the bottom of a finished candle, set the candle in the freezer overnight. This will make the wax shrink. The next morning run a knife alone the perimeter of the wax–pulling it away from the glass. The wax will pop out in one clean disc or two pieces] or any empty glass jar, mason jar, craft jar, etc…you get the drift. I used an a finished votive candle and used the freezer method to scrape the wax out.
  2. Mod Podge thanks to my mom, this is a staple I always have on hand. If you don’t have this, you can purchase it at any craft store.
  3. Epsom Salt another household staple. If you don’t have it you can find it at Target and any drugstore.
  4. Craft Brush or Sponge

Ok, now here’s the “work”:

Step 1: Pour a heaping pile of Epsom Salt onto a plate.

Step 2: Paint glass jar with Mod Podge (put glue everywhere except for the bottom. I held the jar from the inside so my hands didn’t have to touch any outer part and I could get it fully covered).

Step 3: Roll glue covered jar around in the pile of Epsom Salt. You can either softly roll it over the salt once for a light coat or press the salt onto the jar with your hands as you roll it to get more coverage. I packed it on, but it looks equally gorgeous either way you do it.

Step 4: Let air dry. Takes about an hour, give or take.


Put a candle in, light it up and watch the glowing beaty!


And THAT’s it!! You’re done and left with this beautiful thing! I wanted to make a second votive and add glitter to the salt but once I saw the finished product I realized that it doesn’t even need glitter. The salt sparkles in a stunning natural way all on its own. These are just beyond adorable and really so beautiful lit up in the home.

You could make an assortment to have on hand as great little gifts. These could be perfect for hostess gifts and party favors. Just add in a lovely scented candle, wrap it up in a pretty way with some cellophane and ribbon and attach a sweet card. Done!

If you make these, email me a picture or tag me in your snowy creation on Instagram!



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