Weekend Reflections; Valentine’s Day

Pros and cons to this past weekend: Pro-Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday! Con-I was sick as a dog!

Yeah, nothing says romance quite like a stuffed up, raw runny nose, a scratchy, nearly nonexistent voice and practically no energy. We went out to dinner where I couldn’t even taste the food due to how congested I was AND to top things off I spilled a full glass of red wine all over my husband (and his brand new sweater and scarf and favorite pair of jeans….yea). We ended the night with a ridiculous fight and he slept on the couch while Gatsby and I slept in the bed. Oh, Valentine’s Day.

The rest of the weekend followed suit with nothing exciting. Dan started feeling the onset of the same virus on Sunday so it was a really low key day. Dan had Monday off and I didn’t go to work either because I was still miserably under the weather. I spent the day on the couch reading through a Kristin Hannah novel trying my best to recharge for my long workday today. I’m feeling a bit better but still not 100% but I’m here pushing through! I did snap a few pictures to try and remember this weekend in a more positive light than what it actually was.

The one positive of being debilitatingly sick…I had a LOT of free time to sit around and do nothing. Of course, I’m no good at doing nothing so I used the forced down time to create Dan’s Valentine’s gift–a scrapbook of Gatsby! Totally corny but I think he kind of loved it. 😉


We booked our springtime trip!! So for the next five weeks pretty much everything I eat will look like this…


And because I’m a total hypocrite, they might also look like this…


Gatsby decked out in his winter gear going for a ride!


My lifeline…


I tried to soothe myself with a relaxing bath but couldn’t smell the candles, which did nothing but annoy me..


Contemplating jumping in? My dog is a bath creep but he’s so damn cute I don’t even mind.


We visited a friend at SoulCycle and Gatsby got his picture taken! Really, I’m the prop, I was just there to hold him.


I tried to do some makeup to cover the puffy, dark bags under my eyes but it didn’t work. At all. I spent the weekend hiding behind these sunnies.


Valentine’s flowers! Gatsby thought they were for him.


Valentine’s pre dinner cocktails…a total bust. I could barely taste this martini, which is a shame because all it was was Zyr Vodka, Midori and fresh lime juice. Doesn’t that sound like it’d be delish?


My OOTN…honestly could not be bothering even attempting jeans so leggings it was!


The wine I spilled all over my poor husband. 


Lunch with my buddy & mom.


Turned my Gurgle Pot into a pretty vase!


My new favorite dressings. SO good! We’ve been eating them on salads and dipping baby carrots and cucumbers in it.


Both our leases are up in the next few months so we’ve been out car shopping…of course Gatsby’s been trailing along, and this is what happens. Every time. 


Sunday night winding down…chamomile tea + honey. It’s helping.


I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend and a much better Valentine’s Day than us! Hopefully we will make up for it this weekend (provided Dan isn’t still sick!).



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