Weekend Reflections; A Snowy, Busy Few Days

Both this weekend and week went by in a flash. I was so busy between work with BFX and some art related work. I designed another menu board for a restaurant in my neighborhood but it was triple the size of any other one I’ve done so it took two days. I started on Thursday afternoon but it took all day Saturday to finish. Both days I was climbing up on counters and on my feet nonstop; it was actually much more tiring than I realized! Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun and I think the end results turned out great! I also spent my midweek day off in the city at a photoshoot for the new BFX website. Gatsby tagged along and having his company throughout the day was the best. All the extra work did give me a slight excuse for a little extra shopping. I got a few new outfits for our trip at the end of March and of course, candles. I’ve been debating whether or not I wanted to splurge on a Diptyque candle but on Sunday I went and took the plunge. That might have been a mistake because it is AMAZING and all I want to do now is go back and buy every other scent and go broke in the process. UGH. It’s definitely been a whirlwind of non-stop days and today it’s finally all caught up with me. My energy is at an all time low and I’ve been lazing around all morning with Gatsby, even taking a 2 hour nap on the couch shortly after we woke up. Fun stuff!  Hope your weekend has been lovely & Happy Monday!

BFX Photoshoot fun with my lil’ dude.


The way he sat in his own seat on the train like a little person had me cracking up.


Obsessed with this new marble phone case!

My new favorite Bath & Body Works scent. It smells like a tropical resort-like sunscreen, cocktails, salty air and sunshine. UGH! It’s outrageous, I love it! The only thing is that the scent relaxes me so much it actually makes me fall asleep. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been so tired this weekend. 


My new favorite peanut butter. It tastes like candy…love.


I used it to make this easy peasy “ice cream”. I honestly thought it would come out tasting so off-texture and icy, but the texture was EXACTLY like traditional ice cream and it was so good, too good…like eat that whole thing in one sitting good. Not that I would know anything about that…


However, when we’re not stuffing our faces with homemade ice cream, we’re trying to keep it as light and healthy as possible. 


My new menu board at Cooked & Co!


I sent my parents this picture and they sent me back this text! Too cute.


After drawing all day, all I wanted was a nice, stiff cocktail.


And a cocktail scented candle…


Sunday morning we woke up way too early, so to kill time before hitting the gym we took a family walk down to 7/11, the only place open early enough on a Sunday for coffee.


It started snowing mid day Saturday and kept falling through the early morning of Sunday. However, Sunday was a gorgeous, semi-warm day and the 6 inches we got on Saturday night had almost all melted away by Sunday evening.


I took full advantage of the break in weather to finally wear something OTHER than snow boots!


I didn’t even wear a jacket. You can tell by these selfies how great the sunlight was! 


On Sundays Gatsby and I tag along with Dan while he goes to physical therapy and afterwards we hit the mall for some shopping.


Gatsby got a new pair of socks.


After we got home I planned out my week in my new Erin Condren planner. This thing is the planner of my DREAMS!! Also, it takes me right back to high school where we used to go all out with our planner decorations.


Lastly, I know I tend to hate on winter, but…well, sometimes I just can’t deny its beauty. Regardless of how frigid that beauty is.


Have a fabulous week! xoxo


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