Weekend Reflections; Date Night

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on the blog or not but Dan and I have been really focusing on saving for the past year or two. We just have a lot on the horizon that we want to save up for and one of the biggest things we cut out in the present to save for our future is dining out. Our outings used to be quite frequent; weekly extravagant dinners at the least (Saturday nights at trendy new restaurants complete with several courses, cocktails and an overpriced bottle of wine) and up to 3-4 meals out of the house in addition to a night or two of takeout. Friday night dinner out, Saturday lunch out, Saturday night out, Sunday morning breakfast/brunch out, Sunday lunch out, Sunday dinner out or ordered and a plethora of deliveries throughout the week. It adds up fast. If you’re trying to save money, evaluating your dining habits is a great place to start.

With that said, our date nights out have become a bit more sparse. Of course we still have date nights, but they now take place in the comfort of our own home, which I have to say, I enjoy much more. It wasn’t the most difficult sacrifice to make. However, at least once a month or so we get all dressed up and go do something. Although, every time we do that lately it feels more like a chore than fun. Like, do we really have to get dressed? Can’t we just cancel and stay in? It’s nice to be so comfortable in our own home, in only our own company but I do think we have a tendency to get lazy and complacent so now and again it’s important to make a point out of date night. This weekend we went on a double date in the city with a couple friends of ours, which I documented here if you wanted to see the play by play. Aside from that the weekend included a little bit of shopping, which led to another lovely but, let’s face it, unnecessary candle and some travel essentials for our upcoming trip.

Current La Croix obsession.


I caved….


But don’t they make such a pretty pair?


Lounging in the sunlight


Be still, my heart….


A little shopping spree at Lush.


Dan giving Gatsby the low down.


My favorite snack everrrrr..


Saw this sign in the city and I have a feeling it was made for me and my ever constant sidekick…


Thanks, Target.


My newest skincare obsession? Toner waters. They tighten your pores and pretty much give your skin a barricade against toxins, air pollutions and other gunk in the environment that can lead to breakouts. They make my skin feel super refreshed and clean. Dan has even been sneaking into the Lush one. These are more for oily/combination skin but they also make moisturizing toners for dry skin which I need to pick up before I get on a long flight in a few weeks.


Saturday night’s appetizers. I could live off scallion pancakes. 


Great views & great company at Gaonnuri.


My husband has a problem… #icecreamhoarder


Sunday morning snuggles with my goggly eyed guy.


My new favorite protein! The taste is delicious and it blends sooo thick and creamy..twss. 


Detoxifying my skin with the Boscia Black Illuminizing mask after forgetting to take my makeup off  after a long night out.


Have a great week loves!



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