Weekly Pinspirations

Am I still allowed to call this a weekly feature when I’ve completely skipped it the last week or so? I’m sorry! The past two weeks have been quite busy in both my work and personal life and the time I usually spend on this post just slipped away. I will warn you, the next few weeks may be heavily travel influenced. You know how pregnant women go into nesting mode and decorate the baby’s nursery, prepare the house, etc? Well I go into nesting mode before a big trip. Like I go into serious preparation overdrive. I start shopping for outfits, accessories and travel size toiletries a month or so out. I’m not going away for another three weeks and I’ve already begun organizing my carry on. I will have a packed carry on bag full of electronics and chargers, extra socks and scarves, snacks (of course) and other necessities sitting on my kitchen counter for weeks. I get overly organized and over prepare when I’m exciting. I don’t think it’s the worst thing. The other thing I do is plan outfit, hair and makeup ideas in my head like CRAZY. I usually write my ideas down as it just makes packing much easier if I go into it with a plan. I love to use vacation as a time to experiment with makeup and hairstyles I wouldn’t otherwise take the effort to do when I’m home. Here’s a peek into what’s been inspiring me.


{ braids, braids, braids!! i only wash my hair 2-3x a week and that doesn’t change on vacation. at home i don’t have the time to play around with extensions and new styles and always resort to throwing my dirty hair into a boring topknot, but on vacay i’m all about experimenting with style }


{ new to me styles .. high waisted skirts and crop tops? bring it }


{ embracing less makeup…like wearing a daytime look to dinner. the excitement of a new place inspires me to embrace my inner confidence as well as my own features }


{ half up/half down…with a center part braid! }


{ i like big scarves and i cannot lie }

Do you guys have any upcoming travel plans? If not, what is your dream trip?? I’m DYING to go to Spain and Australia.



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