Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies

I guess these technically have two secret ingredients in them. However, one of them is pretty obvious which kind of negates the whole secret thing, right? The other one is nearly undetectable but it just gives an awesome little extra something to the cookie that makes you wonder why it’s so delicious. So what are they?

The first one is a hint of cinnamon and the second one is…



Yup, a squeeze of lemon in your chocolate chip cookies. It’s a thing.


There’s also oats in them, but only a quarter cup so it’s just enough for a bit of texture without actually making them oatmeal cookies. And mini chocolate chips. I LOVE mini chocolate chips in cookies because then you get a mouthful of chips in every bite and that makes me a happy camper.


Dan loved these and he is not a fan of lemon in things unless it’s seafood. When I told him these contained lemon and he continued to devour both the dough and baked cookies I knew the recipe was a win.


I followed THIS recipe, only I used mini chips and halved the ingredients for a half batch which still made an exorbitant amount of cookies. Especially for an apartment full of a whopping two people, and a pup who can’t have chocolate..or wheat. I’m sure we’ll figure it out.. 😉


Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram if/when you make them! Enjoy!



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