Beauty Through the Years: Early Twenties

So, I saw this post on Cupcakes & Cashmere and just found it so interesting. I loved the simple way she recapped her look focusing only on hair and makeup, not her outfits or total style. It made me think about my own transitions in the same area throughout the years and I realized that I’ve been through quite a few. I thought it would be fun (albeit slightly narcissistic) to reflect on my choices of hair/makeup styles throughout the past six years.



In high school I had platinum blonde hair, then shortly after I graduated I went stark opposite and dyed it jet black. After my short run as an inky brunette I decided that blonde was my comfort zone and switched back before my nineteenth birthday, only I didn’t go right back to platinum. I kept it a bit more natural looking with the softer, ash blonde you see here. In my early twenties, a sophomore in college, I was still experimenting with the crazy colored extensions. This was the year I found myself really into red. I used to wear only red blush that I’d swipe from the top of my cheekbones all the way up to my brow bone. Yes. You can see it if you look closely at the picture on the left. My eyes weren’t blushing..that was totally intentional. Why? I haven’t the slightest.

Twenty One


Oh the party girl year. I will say, I did a good job at being twenty one. The year started off in Vegas and that pretty much set the tone. My skunky multi-shaded extensions and platinum blonde hair showcased my undying desire to fit into the club scene. This was a year of tanning overload, both the beds and sprays. The platinum returned and purple smokey eyes were my jam. Classy.

Twenty Two


This was the year I started running distance races and got back into exercise in general after a year or two of partying. Nights out started to transition to early ending date nights and I began to tone down my look. This was the year I started dressing a little more boho and beachy. I was obsessed with braids and had a blast experimenting with different ways to wear them. This was the year I started the gradual transition back to brunette and embraced a more laid back look. I toned down my smokey eyes and fake tan and for whatever reason continued to over pluck my brows.

Twenty Three


At twenty three I went back to my roots and dyed my hair as close to my natural color as possible–light brown with reddish undertones and natural highlights. My hair was the healthiest it’s ever been but that was short lived as this was also the year I learned how to use a curling wand. It was also the year I discovered makeup tutorials on YouTube and the blogosphere so this year was full of makeup experimentation with colors, lashes and more.

Twenty Four


My poor, poor brows. Only towards the end of this year did I start to let them grow in and begin the journey back to my natural brow shape. I think this is the year I truly mastered the smokey eye without making it too overwhelming. I found the color palette of eye shadows that are best suited to my face. It was also the year I finally began to feel comfortable wearing my hair without extensions.

Twenty Five


Ahh, the year of over tanned skin and over drawn brows. Twenty five was the first year I actually noticed the toll my sun worshipping ways had taken on my skin. It started to look really bleak and dull and I noticed the appearance of blotchy skin and fine lines around my eyes and forehead. My hair was frizzy and over processed to the point where my extensions had an awfully hard time at blending in. I wasn’t sure how to deal with this so I followed the theory of “more is more” and added more extensions, more tan and more makeup.

Twenty Six


While I do think 26 has been my best year for makeup, I’m still working on the perfect hairstyle. In all honesty, I don’t think I’ll ever have my own “signature” hairstyle. I love options, I love changing my look and I get terribly bored of hair styles. My happy place is blonde and when I’m feeling down or bored with my look it’s my go to. I love the rooty, unkept and natural, beachy look I’m just still working on perfecting it. If it ends up being a lifelong process, I’m totally cool with that and embrace the change. As for makeup, I’ve never been happier or more comfortable in my own skin. Less is more and I love a nice understated look consisting of nothing but fresh, clean, dewey skin and a lightly filled natural, full brow. The biggest change of this year is that I’ve finally added some dimension to my face and embraced my natural skin instead of hiding behind layers and layers of bronzer and self tanner.

Beauty will always be an evolutionary love of mine and I look forward to all the changes and tweaks to come and the variety of looks to play around with through the years.

What is your go to style? Have you changed throughout the years or has your look stayed consistent?

Happy Saturday!



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