Weekend Reflections; Spring Ahead

This weekend was daylight savings where we turn the clocks forward! Everyone always gripes about losing an hour of sleep but I will happily give up one little hour of sleep for LONGER DAYS! I mean…HELLO!! Honestly, you could take an entire night of sleep in exchange for brighter mornings, longer daylight evenings and SUN. Seriously, if I have one pet peeve, it’s the people who bitch about losing their measly little hour of sleep. I mean, come on. Would you rather continue to have short days and 5pm sunsets? I have no patience. I’m feeling fine and happily welcoming all the extra sunlight.

In addition to that, and sorry for the vent, Gatsby got neutered! The poor baby, I feel so bad seeing him in the little cone of shame with his sad empty little sac. Sunday morning the funniest thing happened which warranted an immediate phone call to my sister to relay the whole story because I knew she was the only person who would find it as humorous as Dan and I did. So we were walking Gatsby early Sunday morning and as usual he was dressed in his winter gear: a sweater, his green puffy jacket and snow booties. An adorable little boy (couldn’t have been older than two or three) was walking towards us with his dad. He pointed at Gatsby and said to his dad, “Daddy, look! A crocodile!!” His dad started laughing and said, “no, that’s not a crocodile, come on” and walked closer to Gatsby. Upon closer investigation the boy said, “OH!! It’s a DOGGY! But wait…” [very confused look on his face while still studying Gatsby] “dogs…dogs don’t wear shoes…PEOPLE wear shoes!”. Dan explained that Gatsby’s paws get cold just like our feet would get cold if we didn’t wear shoes and that the salt on the ground burns his paws. The little boy furrowed his brow and looked back at his dad repeating, “but dogs don’t wear shoes!! PEOPLE wear shoes!”. We laughed but the little dude could not find the humor and repeated his exclamation with a continuously confused look on his face. Finally his father said, “Yea, I don’t think this is computing” and they were off.

Literally the highlight of my weekend. Dan and I cannot stop quoting him and have been referring to Gatsby as “little crocodile”. I die.

Friday morning sunrise.


A luxurious soak.


Weekends are for baking!


My new favorite almonds.


A bleak, yet still beautiful snowy winter run.


So, I have a problem. Every time I go to 7/11 for coffee I steal a handful of Slurpee straws and now my drawer looks like this. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?!


He rocks the cone of shame quite adorably, my little crocodile.


Can you spot the pup?


This ice cream…there are no words..


Of course, I still managed to trash it up.


Another delish new peanut butter find..it’s just so CRUNCHY. [PSA: Dan hates it.}


These are the kinds of things my mom alerts me about via Pinterest. Although, I must say, that little crab kills me.


Apparently we’re not supposed to go overboard with the treats post surgery so Dan and I said one or two treats a day. This counts as one, right? Right?


Have a lovely week! To all my Northeast friends, enjoy this break in weather!! No freezing temps for a week?! All for it!



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