Weekly Pinspirations

Saturdays have been my big cardio day for years. It’s the one day of the week I like to devote to endurance training whether it’s a long run, swim or a couple hours spent indoors hopping from machine to machine in the cardio section. I love starting my weekend off with some super sweaty endurance work. To be honest though, what I really love about my Saturday morning routine is what I eat before this long ass workout. I love snacking on a wholesome meal that provides me with a quick burst of energy but isn’t too heavy so that it doesn’t sit in my stomach and weigh me down. I always get asked what I eat before a long run and my answer is anything that’s a combo of fat and carbohydrate. If I have protein before a big cardio session it typically comes from nuts or nut butters only. Protein is great post workout but honestly it tends to sit in my stomach and makes me feel really full and weighed down, not the best before a 9-10 miler. Fat and carbs on the other hand provide me with lasting, high quality energy. I also read somewhere that fat actually lubricates your joints as you run which is great to help prevent runner’s knees and other pavement pounding injuries.

My favorite way to get these nutrients is to make some high energy snacks that I can grab pre workout. If I don’t have time to make something, my go-tos are Larabars, KIND bars, Justin’s Almond Butter or a small bowl of granola with chia seeds and almond milk. Lately I’ve found a lot of awesomely simple, killer Saturday morning workout fuel recipes on Pinterest. Here are some of my favs!


{ perfect little two bite paleo muffins }


{ probably, definitely making these this weekend }


{ banana bread for breakfast? yes, please }


{ love baked oatmeal! gets better by the day }


{ gimme all the almond butter cups }

What’s your favorite pre workout snack??



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