Weekend Reflections; Family Time & Primping

What’s better than a relaxing weekend full of quality time with family and a little self care? Not much…although, I could have done without the crazy downpour on Saturday. Friday was busy as usual with work, but that’s always a good thing, plus the constant go-go-go really makes an otherwise long day fly by. Saturday morning I woke up a little earlier than usual to fuel up with some fudge (there’s nothing like dessert before a workout!) before a long run in the rain. I wanted to get out as early as possible while it was still just misting. In all honesty though, I actually enjoy running in the rain; it just feels fun and playful. As usual, I spent the majority of the run on the phone with my mom and the rest of it listening to the Girls Gone WOD podcast…which only makes me really want to try Crossfit. I actually may give it a go when we return from out trip. Which reminds me, I haven’t yet shared where we are going….

We’re going to ITALY!! While Dan’s been there a number of times, this is my first time and I’m beyond excited! We’re primarily staying in Rome but will also be doing a bit of traveling to a few other cities. I’m not a fan of cold weather vacations but I’m actually glad we’re going at this time because the lack of warm weather negates any temptation I would have to skip out on all the touring and sightseeing in favor of lying out in the sun. If anyone reading has been to Rome PLEASE feel free to comment or email me [ lindsaycentonze@gmail.com ] any suggestions about where to go to shop/eat/tour/etc/etc. I just started packing today and so far I have a carry on full of books and snacks and a giant suitcase full of scarves and converse chucks. What I’ve realized is that if my destination requires more than a couple bikinis, a pair of heels and some daisy dukes I’m absolutely CLUELESS. For the first time ever in my life, I’m pretty sure I’m under packing. I have no idea what to bring.

On that note, here’s what went down this weekend.

Gatsby accompanied my mom and I to Sephora to pick up a couple things for my trip. That Algenist cleanser is PERFECTION! I didn’t want to schlep makeup wipes, makeup remover, AND face wash which is why this three in one product is life! You put it on your skin dry and it starts as a gel that exfoliates your face, then an oil to break down and dissolve makeup and once you add water it becomes a milky cleanser. It’s literally amazing.


This is opening up AROUND THE CORNER from my job! #imdead


My new favorite snack. UGH these are SO good!!


He’s such a person…


Saturday morning’s rainy run.


Feeling lean after a long, rainy run.


The part about this time of year! Trefoils are my hands down favorite and I had to try the new raisin cookies because I’m one of those weirdos who actually LOVES raisins. Like…you don’t even understand.


Getting my hair done, looking like the plastic Rapunzel.


And the results! Of course I get the best blowout I’ve ever had…on the rainiest friggin day ever. 


Gatsby and my reaction to Dan complaining about traffic on the way home…


Saturday night we went to dinner at my in-laws and I baked them a coconut cream layer cake.


Unfortunately, Gatsby had to sit in the back to make room for the cake up front. I really need to invest in a cake transporter.


Sunday afternoon my parents and I visited my grandma who is turning 90 this week!! She adored Gatsby and I loved watching how he brightened up her afternoon. 


Speaking of Gatsby, I’ll leave you with this play by play of Gatsby sniffing his own fart…and his subsequent reaction. Yup. That’s my boy. 


Hope you guys have a great week! I’ll be back soon to share the recipe for that coconut cake! Too delish not to!



One thought on “Weekend Reflections; Family Time & Primping

  1. Italy?! Yay! When are you going? I went to France, Belgium and the Netherlands last year the last week of April into the 1st week of May. I felt really good about the choices I took in clothes. I took lots of tanks, some leggings and a pair of skinny jeans with comfy riding boots and thick socks. I got an awesome thin, water resistant jacket that was long enough to cover your butt and it actually kept the heat in too. The average temp was 50 so these items were perfect when paired with longer shirts, cardigans etc.

    1 thing to get is an international electric outlet adapter. I didn’t think I would need it but I definitely did. I also got a portable wifi hotspot to take with me. I’m a slave to my devices but I used it alot for getting around with Google Maps and metro maps. I used this http://www.xcomglobal.com/plans wifi mobile hotspot and carried an external battery for my phone, the hotspot and my camera in a crossbody, bigger purse. Hand sanitizer, antibac wipes and tissues are good to carry all the time too. Many public restrooms seemed to lack in supplies in some of the areas.

    I’m so excited for you!!!

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