What I Accomplished in March

So in a recent post I talked about my latest obsession which is…my planner. I don’t know how it happened but the other day I found myself in the deep black hole of planner accounts on Instagram. These girls are legit. Their planners are unbearably cute, decorated with pastel stickers, written in sparkly gel pens and all the colors coordinate flawlessly.


What I love about stalking through these pages of organization perfection are the lists these girls all make. I am an obsessive list writer. I’m one of those people with a bag full of twenty or so different pieces of paper all full of written out lists. The posts I saw inspired me to put more effort into my lists. Instead of scribbling on the back of a receipt or piece of crumpled scrap paper, write them in my planner or get a new notebook just for lists but decorate it so it’s beautiful and pretty to look at. I love this because instead of being frazzled by my to do list, I feel calm and happy when it’s super organized and looks nice.


My lists usually revolve around the endless to-dos of daily life, blog post ideas and songs that I want to incorporate into my playlist. However, when browsing through these Instagram posts I noticed some lists were quite reflective and deeper than that. One in particular really stood out to me and that was a monthly list of accomplishments. One of the girls wrote out a beautiful, color coordinated list at the end of each month highlighting what she had accomplished and what she felt proud of. Some of them were acknowledgements to goals she’d set for herself the previous month that she had achieved, some were just random things that she was proud of doing. Piggy backing on her inspiring post and considering that we just started a fresh, new month I wanted to do some reflection of my own and share a list of what I’ve accomplished in March. I looked back through my photos and, yes, old lists, to think about what happened this past month that really made me feel warm, proud and happy and I came up with the following:

What I Accomplished in March

  1. I went somewhere new! Who’s to say a vacation isn’t an accomplishment? There’s something quite wonderful about breaking out of your comfort zone and opening up to and exploring a new place and culture. I’m proud that I let my guard down, let go of any preconceived notions and opened myself up to a completely new world and immersed myself in a different culture. I learned a ton and left feeling inspired to eat fresher foods, walk more, climb stairs every chance I get and put more effort into my daily outfits.                       IMG_5061IMG_4939-2
  2.  I tried something new! Ok, I’m talking about alcohol. I tried a Negroni in Rome. But, still! Everyone seemed to be talking about how amazing Italian Negronis are and how apparently they’re different than Negronis in America? Well, I’ve never had a Negroni here and I still don’t quite know exactly what it is, except that it’s a mix of things I never drink. Bottom line is, when it comes to food and drinks I tend to be quite stubborn when I think I don’t like something, whether I’ve actually had it or not. Gotta try everything once, right?IMG_4933
  1. In February I set the usual monthly goal of being kinder to my body: working out a little more, eating a little healthier and drinking a lot more water. In March, I actually stuck to it! image5IMG_4546
  2. I listened to my body. Wednesday has been my day off of work since I started at BFX Studio and after working out over the weekend and teaching a really long day on Tuesday I’m usually shot by Wednesday and want nothing more than to just relax. For months I’ve been pushing myself to go to the gym on Wednesdays only to have mediocre (at best) workouts and making myself feel even more tired and run down simply because I was scared to “take off” and unwind in the middle of the week. This month I’ve actually listened to my body (something I tell my clients to do ALL the time!) and have taken every Wednesday off and I’ve never felt better! It’s the perfect day for me to recharge and peps me up for the rest of the week. IMG_3873
  3. I’ve been excellent about taking my makeup off at night, like EVERY night! I’m looking at you, Saturday. This is a big deal and my skin is ever so thankful.                                                   IMG_3511-2IMG_3750-2
  4. I’ve spent a lot more time outdoors. March was more wintry than springy with a plethora of snowstorms and brutally cold days but I didn’t let it keep me cooped up inside. I ran outside quite often in March both on my own and with Gatsby. Gatsby and I also started taking longer walks and spending more time outdoors in general. It’s been really nice and I’m proud of myself for not giving into the luring temptation of my couch, blankets and Netflix.               IMG_4059

Too often we talk ourselves down and forget to give ourselves credit and this was a great reflective exercise to get the positivity juices flowing and remind myself of good times and proud moments, even for the smallest things! I’m going to try to make an accomplishment list each month and silly as it may seem, I challenge you to do the same. I promise, it actually makes you feel preeeetty good. 🙂



2 thoughts on “What I Accomplished in March

  1. I still love that you have a CVS closet. I need to make sure to take my makeup off at night. I’m about 50/50 with using the makeup wipes each week and 0% for actually washing my face at night. I’ve done it forever but I know as I older, it’s going to bite me. 🙂

    • I’m with you on makeup wipes! They’ve been my holy grail since middle school!! I typically use them before a pm shower cuz the weird film they leave on my skin always bothered me. But lately I’ve been using Algenist’s 3 in 1 cleanser bc it turns into an oil that’s supposed to completely break your makeup down so you don’t scrub anything deeper into your pores. I read into it and it made sense so the past few weeks it’s all I’ve been using and no makeup wipes (except for the occasional too drunk on a Saturday night when ONLY wipes work lol) and it’s made a HUGE difference! I didn’t realize how much they leave behind!

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