Weekend Reflections; Easter Weekend

This past week was a tough one for multiple reasons. For starters I had the worst jet lagged that happened to overlap with PMS which was just grand. When we went to Hawaii I gave in to the jet lag and stayed up all night unpacking only to mope around and nap all day. It left me in a haze for over two weeks. This time around I was determined not to let that happen so I jumped right back into my schedule and forced myself to go to work, work out (barely, but I did the best I could with what little energy I had) and commanded myself to lay still and close my eyes until sleep came instead of giving in to the insistent tossing and turning. On top of that fatigue and determination I was determined to do my best to eat healthy and be active in attempt to burn off all the booze I drank in Italy and make room for the annual Easter feasts.

Like I said, I was too tired to be as active as I usually am during the week so I have a feeling that what was consumed yesterday probably did some legitimate damage. I mean, I ate like a starved wildebeest. It’s now almost 9am the next day and I’m still full. Luckily I have a couple spin classes on the agenda today and now that I’m back to feeling like my normal energetic and well rested self I’m determined to get a killer leg workout in as well. Last week I shared a post about what I felt I accomplished in March which got me thinking about the goals I want to set for April. After work I’m going to wind down with a note pad and jot them all down but for now there are two that really stand out. My first goal is to walk more and track daily steps. In Italy we walked a minimum of 6 miles a day with our daily steps averaging between 16,000-20,000. So, that’s my new step goal. Secondly, and also inspired by Italy, I’m trying to put more effort into my daily outfits. In Italy everyone just looks good-well dressed and always put together. While I was there I jumped on the bandwagon and I kind of don’t want to jump off. During the week I live in my gym clothes and flip flops and this month I’m going to try to elevate that…even if that just means trading my flips for chucks. It’s the little things, right?

I wanted to start Spring cleaning last week as soon as I got home but I was too tired so didn’t end up starting until Saturday evening. The first thing I tackled was the massive eye sore that was my coat rack! I was too embarrassed to take a before photo. Here’s a visual: You couldn’t see the rack itself AT ALL. Coats and scarves were piled on that you couldn’t even see that framed photo in the background of the second picture! The image on the right is winter coats, boots, accessories and other seasonal items that are now in storage for the warmer months. 


More Spring cleaning! We got this storage basket from West Elm and it’s where we toss our sneakers and daily shoes. MUCH better than seeing them sitting on the floor or piled into an open bin. 


BFX Studio just opened its second location down in the Financial District at 30 Broad St.! I taught my first class there on Friday and it was a blast! If you’re in the area I teach a Spin class at noon on Mondays, stop by!


I picked up this candle at Target and I’m OBSESSED! It’s not like a typical, sickeningly sweet food fragrance. It’s sweet, but like a fresh, bright, sweet scent. 


Speaking of candles….


There’s one other Boston Terrier on our block, his name is Duke and him and Gatsby are bros.


Dan and I spent our Saturday evening dying Easter eggs and preparing a decadent breakfast for Sunday morning.


The eggs came out so pretty! I was using them for Easter Bread, where the eggs cook in the oven so I didn’t boil them first and Dan accidentally cracked one into the green coloring which is why we had no green eggs. 


Easter Sunday OOTD. Picture taken BEFORE massive consumption ensued. 


Easter morning breakfast! Homemade Easter Bread & Baked blueberry donuts.


Gatsby waiting for daddy to come back inside. He was GLUED to the door the whole time Dan was outside packing the car.


Easter coffee break and opening baskets with my family after Church! My mom still makes the BEST, hugest Easter baskets. 


German chocolate duckies & chocolate flowers.


Easter dinnner!

Coconut Cake & my charoset truffles.


Nosey little guy aching for a cannoli. 


Monday morning….


And finally….HAAALLLPPPP! But seriously…expect some chocolate centered recipes soon because something needs to be done with all this. 


I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed whichever holiday you celebrated! If you celebrate Passover, do you eat Charoset? I found a recipe for it earlier this week thanks to Molly’s blog and it looked too good not to try! Everyone loved them! Have a wonderful week



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