Spring Cleaning; Jewelry Organization

For whatever reason, from the outside, people always think I’m organized. I’m really not…like, I’m actually very, very far from it.


But, I try my hardest to keep it together, which is probably why it comes off that I am. I’m always working at it. Constantly writing lists, reorganizing, cleaning, etc. I’m really just trying to put the pieces together because in reality I’m a chaotic mess. The main reason why I constantly reorganize is because whatever method I tried ended up back in a heaping pile of stuff that I now have to go back, re-sort through and reorganize. It’s a never ending cycle. My husband says it’s because I never put things away…which is partially true. I like to think that the things just haven’t quite found their forever home just yet.


Like my jewelry, for example. I’m a costume jewelry hoarder so since I can’t stop adding to the collection I tend to forget what I have and forget to wear pieces. I need to *see* everything. But I live in a one bedroom apartment…I don’t exactly have the space for a full on jewelry display. So what happened was I just kept piling jewelry on top of one of my dressers.


After I’d wear something, I’d toss it up there and add to the pile. It got so bad that for a while I was wearing the same two pieces…my wedding bands -.- …and everything else was knotted up into one, huge, unbearable, tangled mess.


Finally, I caved and decided that this whole area needed a makeover.


First things first was to detangle. I laid everything out on my bed and went to work. Each time I freed a piece I cleaned and polished it. Once everything was free I organized everything into like categories. Necklaces, bracelets, etc and then I separated all that into two piles: frequently worn and rarely worn.


Next, I realized that there was simply too much to display everything in a way that didn’t look cluttered. So I cleared out a drawer in my dresser to keep pieces that are rarely worn as well as my finer jewelry, since I keep those pieces in their bags and boxes, which kills the whole “display” thing.


Before, my jewelry tree was so piled up that I couldn’t see a single branch. So I only hung my favorite pieces that I reach for on a daily basis. They look pretty and the empty space is such a breath of fresh air. Next, I put all my bangles into clear acrylic drawers because those are another staple. I added some candles up there for a calm, relaxing vibe and to remind myself to keep this neat.



Finally I added several small dishes that hold my rings and serve as a place to rest my wedding bands at night.


This post is actually a long time coming as I reorganized this mess a few months ago. I didn’t post right away because I wanted to give it some time to make sure this set up worked. I was nervous about the drawer and had feeling I would either forget I had pieces stored in there and never wear them or I would be too lazy to put them back into the drawers and recreate the messy pile on top.


Fortunately, several months later, none of that has happened! It still looks neat and clean and even the drawer has stayed organized! I think I’ve finally found a system that works for me. It makes me feel so good and clear headed when I walk into my bedroom and see such a neat, open display. This dresser is the first thing you see when you walk into our bedroom and it created such a chaotic feeling when you walked in with such a mess as a first impression. Now, I feel relaxed and comfortable. Ahhhh! Peace.




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