Ice Candle DIY

Have you ever heard of Ice Candles?


I never have. Until I stumbled upon the land of DIY candles on Pinterest and my mind was completely blown. Was it really that easy? What made me dive into this simple yet stunning DIY was the fact that I happened to have a ziploc baggy full of wax chunks casually sitting in my apartment.


What? Do you not have a collection of random wax chunks?


My love for candles and collection of them that borders on hoarding is no secret. I love everything about candles, including the cute little glass jars they come in. I love those jars so much that I keep them long after my candle burns down. It’s quite simple. When a candle reaches it’s end and you’re left with a small sliver of wax at the bottom, leave the candle in the freezer overnight. This will shrink the wax and the next morning it slips right out.


But, you see…I have a hard time throwing things out. Sooo…I save those little slivers of wax. Every time I cleaned out a candle I added the wax tidbits to a little bag figuring that at some point I’d have two things: 1, enough wax to do something with and 2, an idea of what to do with it.


Fortunately, this ice candle thing came at the perfect time. Follow this easy instructional guide to make these lovely candles for yourself! It takes almost no time and is just so, so pretty!


PS…he’s the worst candle making assistant, but puppy eyes make up for everything, right?




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