Weekend Reflections; Recharge

The past couple weeks have been non stop. First we were in Italy, then it was Easter and the last two weekends of this month are all about my friend’s wedding! So, when I took a glance at my calendar earlier this week I realized that this was the only weekend this month with nothing on the agenda. I’m not sure why, but for some reason this totally freaked me out. While I do consider myself to be quite extroverted every now and then I need to just be in my own home, with my family in order to recharge. So this weekend I didn’t want to go out to dinner, I didn’t want to do anything other than cuddle up on the couch with Dan and Gatsby and relax.

Well…we sort of relaxed. Dan and I got some news that is technically good news, but it’s BIG news and even though it’s a good thing, it’s a huge change and change is stressful. This particular news seemed to overtake our entire weekend and because of that, while we rested physically, we didn’t get the mental rest that was so needed. I don’t think either of our minds have stopped racing. Dan said he didn’t get more than an hours worth of sleep Saturday night because his mind couldn’t stop. I slept Saturday night but this…thing..threw me COMPLETELY off on Sunday! Big changes make me anxious and when I feel this kind of anxiety, it’s sort of a dormant/dull anxiety because the change hasn’t been put into motion yet. For whatever reason when I feel this way, I don’t know how to cope with it so I become completely avoidant and that meant that I parked my butt on the couch, snacked on every bad for you food I could get my hands on endlessly and shut the world out. Fortunately, I made one good choice yesterday and that was when I decided to journal and make the attempt at addressing my feelings (instead of eating them..). This was at 9:00 at night and it had to be done because I had to clear my head and basically do a “brain dump” in order to fall asleep. It worked. I was able to sort out the issues/worries/etc. I was having over this news and once I saw my thoughts in writing I realized they weren’t as unbearable as they seemed. If anything, it reminded me that this is a positive change, one we will be making at some point later on if we don’t do it now.

I’m sorry if this sounds confusing. We still don’t know for sure whether or not this is happening and I’m trying not to work myself up over something that may not even come to fruition but at the same time, if it does I have to be ready for it. It’s a weird limbo right now and a huge part of the stress is that we don’t know for sure and no decision has been made. This is one of those moments where I have to remind myself to take a deep breath, pray and leave it in God’s hands. At the end of the day whatever ends up happening will happen.

I’m restyling some areas of the apartment for spring and summer so my breaks at work this week were filled with decor shopping! Oh..and makeup, of course. 


Gatsby benefitted from my shopping as well…he got some new sneaks!


Found these at my local A&P! They’re addictive.


A fresh, springtime manicure. This is Essie’s Bikini So Teeny, one of my favorite spring/summer blues.


Sunday afternoon was spent at the dog park! It was a gorgeous day and Gatsby could not stop zipping all over…hence the panting. 


Post dog park….lump on a log.


Coffee run to refuel!


I made some more Charoset truffles for the week! 


Poor Gatsby has the worst allergy. This is his current regimen.


An attempt at organizing my life and planning my week after an unexpectedly stressful weekend…


See that big ol’ camera on the couch, though? I finally got a cord that connects my Nikon to my laptop! I’m going to try to up the quality of photos on the blog and also get some good scenery shots from Italy up this week! Old news, I know but they’re still beautiful. Have a great week!



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