Weekend Reflections; Gatsby’s First Beach Trip & Ange’s Rehearsal Dinner

This weekend was everything a weekend should be! Gorgeous weather, sunshine, laying out in the sand, toes in the sound, relaxing with a book, a picnic in the grass, loads of puppy kisses, way too much wine, great company, celebrations, wedding activities, lots of good food and long walks. The good vibes started on Friday night with Dan and Gatsby picking me up from the train after work. It was almost 8pm but the sun was still shining bright and we ended up hanging out on the bench outside our apartment for an hour or so with Gatsby and our neighbor and her adorable little Japanese Chin. Saturday started with a warm, sunny run outside (in a tank top!). We soaked up every last minute of the beautiful weather on Saturday. Walks outside, laying out at the beach rolling around in the sand with Gatsby, Slightly Stoopid blaring from our speakers and relaxing with a book. When Gatsby started to pant a little too heavy we moved to a grassy area near the beach and set out our towels to continue sunbathing while Gatsby relaxed in the shade. Eating lunch while sitting in the grass was such a fun little impromptu picnic. The sun kept shining long after we left the beach so we decided to walk to the diner in our neighborhood for diner and opted to sit outside soaking up the last bit of sun for the day.

Sunday was just as beautiful so I couldn’t help myself from going out for another run. I called my mom (as I usually do on long runs) and we got so lost in conversation that I ended up completing ten miles! Mid day Dan and I hung out with Ange and took Gatsby on a long walk. I had a few errands to run before I came back home and got ready for Ange’s rehearsal dinner. We had a great time and I drank all the wine. Unfortunately the beautiful days did not hold up and today was non stop pouring rain. Gatsby and I stayed dry inside while I worked on all the last minute details for Ange’s wedding.

Zaro’s Bakery has the BEST french vanilla iced coffee! 


Behind the scenes from this week’s Spring Favorites post…piling everything on a slab of marble.


Friday lunch date with babe.


Sun shining down on NYC.


Thanks, Mom!


I bought this candle in Italy and I’ve been lighting it throughout the week but never for too long, I’m trying to savor it. But it’s so hard to light it out because it smells SO good.


I restyled my coffee table for Spring! Some flowers and pops of blush pink.


Saw this in the grocery store and could not resist. Omg…tastes like childhood and exactly how I remember.


Soaking up the sun and walking everywhere with this little love bug.


Gatsby in his glory.


The best.


He pawed at the water but it was still too cold and freaked him out a little.


The boys sharing lunch.


Loving this stick.


Saturday night dinner in the sun.


This diner has the best bean salad and I have to try to recreate it at home so I can have it all the time.


Sunday mani + pedi + iced coffee.


Getting ready for the rehearsal dinner.


While getting ready to go to DINNER…I snacked on this. Have you ever dipped a red velvet oreo into cookies and cream cookie butter? Ummm…………….



Dan and the groom to be.


The bride and me!


Hope you all had a great, sunny weekend! Have a wonderful week.



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