Ten Tips for the Night Before Your Wedding

Tomorrow one of my closest friends is getting married!! She got engaged the same weekend that I got married almost two years ago. I’m so happy for her and I hope that her day is flawless and full of nothing but happiness from the moment she wakes up. Having been through the whole experience I know that the night before the big day is one of the craziest. The endless to do list, double checking, anxiety, excitement and anticipation is utterly overwhelming. Just being the Matron of Honor I’m feeling all sorts of crazy so I know it’s probably only tenfold for her! It got me thinking about the night before my own wedding and what I did to make it as easy as possible.


Mine was a bit different because we had a destination wedding so it almost felt like we had several “night befores”. My night before was also on a Friday but I had the edge taken off a bit for two reasons. First was we had already checked into our hotel two nights earlier. I knew all my things were safely in the room and everything was ready to go. Second, my rehearsal dinner was the night before so I had a couple cocktails to take the edge off. Nevertheless I still did a bunch of scrambling that night before which got me thinking about what the most important things to do the night before your wedding are.


So, Ang, and any other brides to be who may be reading, here’s a list of the top ten things to do the day/night before your big day!


Ten Tips for the Night Before Your Wedding

1. Do NOT go to bed later than 10pm!


Even if your wedding is at 10pm the next night, get your damn beauty sleep!! Trust me, you need it and it’s not just so you’ll look relaxed and refreshed. On your wedding day you are the center of attention and you absolutely need all the energy you can get. I know you’re excited and it’s probably tempting to take a sleeping pill or something to relax you but don’t do it. You don’t want to risk feeling groggy the next morning or possibly oversleeping! To help yourself relax take a nice, soothing bath with epsom salt and light some lavender scented candles. Sip on a steamy cup of tea, take some deep breaths and savor every last moment starting NOW because it will all be over in a blink.

2. Sleep on your back. 


Even if you’re not a back sleeper, force yourself to do it just this one time. I actually slept with one of those airplane travel pillows around my neck because it was the only way I could get comfortable on my back (I’m a side sleeper, a left side sleeper to be exact). This is important because the last thing you want on your wedding day is puffy eyes. It sounds crazy but of all the things I worried about the night before my wedding having puffy eyes was my number one fear. Sleeping on your back allows any fluid that would potentially build up in your face to drain away from your face instead of pooling under your eyes. This is a big one especially this time of year with allergy season in full force. If you’re staying at a hotel the night before your wedding, bring your own pillow case. The last thing you want is to have some kind of allergic reaction to any detergents or dust that could be on hotel linens. Lastly, put some Preparation H cream under your eyes before you go to sleep! This stuff works wonders for puffy eyes but don’t wait until the morning! Rub some on now and then reapply some more when you wake up. Puffy orbitals won’t stand a chance.

3. Take a diuretic and drink TONS of water.


If there’s ever a time to hydrate, it’s the day before your wedding. You should drink an ounce of water for every pound you weigh. Ex, if you weigh 130lbs, drink at least 130 ounces of water (just shy of a gallon). Intense hydration will help flush out your system and keep you looking refreshed and radiant the next day. Plus, you’re most likely not going to drink much water the day of your wedding because peeing in a wedding dress is probably the biggest nuisance EVER and you’re not going want to mess up your pristinely applied lip gloss/you really won’t have time to do anything including taking a sip of water. This may sound bad but I’m a big fan of diuretics. I don’t take them regularly but on special occasions I will pop a few to shed any excess water weight and feel my best. I find that they make quite a difference in how my face, chest area and waist look, slimming said areas down noticeably. Take one in the late afternoon/early evening the day before to start flushing out all the water you’ve been taking in, then take one when you wake up the morning of your wedding. You’ll pee like crazy when you’re getting ready but you won’t be drinking enough that morning to keep having to pee all day. The morning of my wedding I took two Diurex pills (because I’m a psychopath) and I stopped peeing around 9am.

4. Set a million alarms.


A million. Literally. Or enlist your friends to barge into your room/home/wherever you are and force you out of bed. The night before my wedding my friend Liz ordered room service (the breakfast assortment of EVERYTHING…ladies getting ready need options and endless pitchers of Mimosas – essential) for the next morning and scheduled it to arrive at 7am. I had multiple alarms set and also scheduled a wake up call from the hotel. However, I ended up waking up a little earlier than an hour before any of them went off because I had a nightmare that my eyes were so puffy I couldn’t even apply my makeup. I kid you not. I bolted out of bed, flew into the bathroom and covered my under eye area with Preparation H cream. By the time Liz, Denise and a tray of croissants and Mimosas rolled into my suite my hair and makeup were completely finished.

5. Set everything up.


Make sure your dress is layed out/aired out/whatever you need it to be. Lay out whatever makeup you’ll be using. Keep your morning skincare products out and ready to go. Have your hairbrush, hair tools, etc. easily accessible. Go through what you’ll want to do in the morning the night before, write it all down and make a checklist. Then make sure everything you need is out, set up and ready. Lay out the jewelry you’ll be wearing so all you have to do is grab and go. Make it easy for yourself, you don’t want to have to think about anything the next morning, your mind will be jumbled enough!

6. Take a shower.


Don’t take your shower the morning of your wedding, take it the night before. I think everything just looks better that second day, after a little of your natural oils come out in your hair and face. Plus, it’s one less thing to do that morning. Take a nice, long shower the night before. Exfoliate your skin, do a hair mask, face mask, etc. Rub body oil all over your skin so the next morning you’re extra hydratedd and effortlessly dewey.

7. Don’t eat too late.


There’s nothing like that awful, awful feeling of waking up still full from the night before. You know that feeling. The morning of your wedding you want to wake up feeling fresh, beautiful and light as a feather, not weighed down or bloated. The best way to ensure you feel great is to not eat anything at least 2-3 hours before you go to sleep. You also don’t want digestion to keep you up. For dinner have something light, like a salad or grilled fish and have a really early dinner. When you wake up everything will be out of your system.

8. Moisturize!


Whether you’re getting your makeup done or doing it yourself you want to start with a fresh, clean canvas. Do a mask treatment the night before that targets your particular skin type. If you’re oily and want to look matte on your wedding day do a detoxifying, oil absorbing mask (I love Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty for this!), if you’re on the drier side and want to look dewey do a hydrating mask (Glamglow Thirsty Mud is my go to) and if you have combination skin you can go with either of those two depending on how you want your skin to look the next day or go with an all around clarifying/radiance mask (Boscia’s black mask is ideal for that). Once you’ve taken the mask off be sure to tone your face (I like Lush’s Eau Roma for dry skin, Alba Botanicals for combination and Lush’s Tea Tree for oily) and follow that with an intense moisturizer, preferably a face oil to really hydrate and glow-ify your face. Don’t forget your Preparation H if puffy eyes haunt you. 😉 And don’t forget the skin on the rest of your body. Use a rich body butter for intense hydration. For a very subtle hint of glowing sparkle, use a shimmer lotion tonight–by the following day it will leave only a hint of perfect, pretty shimmer.

9. Tell your husband to be that you love him.


Sounds nuts, but the night before your wedding, when you’re all worked up about what tomorrow will be like and how you’re going to look it’s too easy to overlook what this is all about. Take a moment to reflect on your relationship and remember what this day is really about–everything after! One thing I kept telling myself on my wedding day and the days leading up to it was that this isn’t the “best” day of my life, it’s the first. It’s the first day of the rest of your lives together and all the moments after will just get better and better and better. Your wedding day is not the peak, trust me! There’s SO much more to come and more to look forward to. Recognizing that really put it all into perspective and took a great deal of pressure off. At the end of the day, it’s just a party and when the room clears, the people go home and the fancy clothes and makeup come off you’re left with that person, that one incredibly special person who makes every day feel like a celebration. Tell that person how much you love them, how much they mean to you and excited you are not about the day but about the moments you’ll share with them.

10. Relax!


The days of planning feel endlessly long but your wedding day is the shortest, quickest day of your life. I know everyone says that, but it couldn’t be more true. Savor every moment, every last second starting right now…the hours and moments before it even begins. Cherish it, the good, the bad and the ugly, cherish it all because even the photos aren’t enough. ❤

Enjoy yourself!!!!!


To my friend Angela, I’m so beyond excited and happy for you and I hope that tomorrow is nothing but joyous. I’m honored to stand by your side throughout it all and I’ll be there for any and everything you need. I hope you live in the moment and forget any drama or grievances you’ve had leading up to this point. Tomorrow is the first day of a new life for you, your husband to be and your new family. It’s your fresh start; choose positivity, peace and happiness. Just remember that tomorrow is YOUR day, it’s about the two of you and no one else and that is ALL that matters. I love you and tomorrow you will be surrounded by nothing but love and happiness for you and your husband!!! Happy Wedding Eve!! XOXO



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