Weekend Reflections; Angela & Anthony Get Married!

This weekend was a beautiful wedding whirlwind! Friday was like every other Friday, aka a full, long day of work. I came home and watched the Bruce Jenner interview with Dan for as long as we could stay up…we saw the first hour. Ok, the first 45 minutes. We’re always shot by the end of the week; Friday nights just ain’t what they used to be. Before we sat down to watch TV though we ran out for a few quick errands–grocery store, CVS and the obligatory pre-wedding spray tan (for me, not him).

Saturday morning I woke up around 6am and made myself a super filling breakfast because I was pretty sure I probably wouldn’t get the chance to eat again until the evening reception. I was partially right. I went for a quick early morning run to calm myself down and get some sun before the craziness of the day started. After my run I hopped in the shower and took a good two hours meticulously painting on my makeup. Around 10am I headed over to the lovely bride’s house to help her get ready, get my hair blown out and take some photos. I haven’t been to a wedding since my own nearly two years ago and I have to say it was really nice to be on the other side of the commotion and watch the beautiful bride do her thing. After she got all her getting ready shots it was off to the church where I totally effed up and read the WRONG reading. Typical. After they were officially married we headed to the nearby boardwalk for some more photos which I cannot wait to see the finished results of because they’re just going to be mindblowingly beautiful. We headed back to the house to relax a bit and while the guys snacked on croissants I had to touch up both the bride’s and my makeup so while there technically was food available, I still hadn’t eaten. I had had probably a bottle’s worth of Prosecco by that point though.

It was really nice the way the day was set up. We had so much time but pretty much every moment was spent doing something and we never felt rushed which was great. The day just had a really relaxed, go with the flow vibe. The planning and organization was on point. By the time we got to the reception hall we headed to the bridal suite where the bridal party had our own private cocktail hour. We also spent some time in the gorgeous garden taking some more photos. At the reception we ATE and DANCED. I ate and danced so much that I hardly even drank. When I was sitting down, I was sampling everything I could (there was SO MUCH FOOOOOOD) and when there was no food, I was dancing it off getting ready to eat more. Doesn’t get better.

Sunday we RELAXED, and it’s never felt soooo good.

Putting the finishing touches on the grooms cake I made for the wedding.




She was a princess.


My gift from the bride were these stunning shoes and there is approximately 50485206 photos of my feet.


Cocktail hour, mojito bar, ice sculptures, my bouquet.


First dance & centerpieces.


The cake & Dan and I at the reception.


Pretty pink draaanks, a pile of food at cocktail hour, limo with the gorgeous bride.


Loved watching these little ones play in the fog.




The new Mr. & Mrs.!


The second they announced the Viennese Hour I SPRINTED, like legitimately dashed out the door like a lunatic….


…and returned to my table with all of this. Like a lunatic.


Angela made these “Oh Shit Kits” for the bridal party and I think they’re the cutest. She did such a great job, they look so professional!


And of all the things to take home from a wedding…like, with the way I hoarded the dessert tables you would think I’d have left with cake or something? I came home with a PILE of cocktail napkins. Like, an exorbitant amount of napkins. I don’t know. I just don’t know.


Sunday morning cruisin’ with my guys.


Annndddd…Sunday night.


Now, it’s off to work and really just doing my best to get through this week. I’m super sick with a head/chest cold combo AND simultaneously just got my period. Awesome. However, I really can’t even complain because both these pains in the ass at least had the courtesy to wait until after both the wedding and weekend’s end! Welcome to Monday.

Have a great week!



3 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections; Angela & Anthony Get Married!

  1. Sounds like you had a seriously busy weekend. I love your shoes, what a wonderful gift from the bride. Her dress and venue was on fleek (lol I hope I used that word right). I hope your feeling better, being sick and PMSing is not fun at all.

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