Weekend Reflections; Memorial Day Weekend

First and foremost, thank you to all of those who have given their lives for our freedom. Thank you to their families and to all of those who have fought for our country and to all of their families.

Today felt like the first day back from vacation. Between my friend’s graduation earlier this week and then going right into the weekend I feel like I’ve just had a week off. It’s been a very vacation-ish week with a lot of indulging and not enough exercising so this week I’m determined to balance that back out!

Saturday evening I shattered my phone but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I was able to enjoy the weekend with Dan and my in laws without the distraction of my phone. Yesterday was the perfect beach day but we spent it almost entirely indoors…at the Apple store. My laptop was long overdue for some servicing so since I had to be there anyway, I figured why not get it all taken care of at once! They deleted so much on my computer and I can’t even tell you the instant clarity I felt when it was done! Even letting got of junk on your computer can be good for the soul.

Now I’m all about the physical detox….eating healthy, working up a sweat every day and drinking TONS of water.

Dan and I spent Friday and Saturday evenings baking for our Memorial Day BBQ at his parent’s house. He made a blueberry crisp and I made this cherry pie. While I had high hopes for my pie, his crisp was definitely the winner. 


Maybe it’s because I was sipping a few too many of these while I made my pie?


We’re still using our candle/antler centerpiece from winter…and I’m still loving it. Should I change it out? Should I update it to something more summery?


It may not have had the winning taste, but it certainly won in the looks department.


This combo! Avocado toast on a banana bread english muffin, topped with a sprinkle of red pepper flakes and a drizzle of honey.


Saturday’s OOTD…which really is nothing special considering that cutoffs, boots and flowy sweaters have been my weekend uniform for the past month..




The cookie straw…the damn cookie straw. I have always LOVED dunking cookies in coffee and I just find this so, so satisfying. I wait until I finish the coffee to eat it so it’s nice and soggy. Yup. Fun fact…I let my cereal sit in the milk for 20-30 minutes before I eat it too. Anyone else? Please tell me you’re out there.


Poor Gatsby’s allergies have been acting up AGAIN and they’re quite bad this time. He’s been pooped because of them and the other night Dan wrapped him up like a little burrito, even putting his favorite squeaky toy next to him. I can’t take it. 


Hope your weekend was filled with fun, love, great weather and amazing eats!