What I Accomplished In April

Wait…is it seriously May already?!

Is it just me or does it feel like just yesterday it was Valentine’s Day? You know you’re getting old when the end of winter/early spring months go by FAST. This is the time of year that seemed to drag on the longest in school. Back then, September and March seemed like the two longest/worst months EVER. September was awful because it marked the start of the school year (I was not the biggest fan…mostly because I had to wake up early, like 99% of why I hated school was simply because I had to wake up early) and March was awful because all the holidays were over and winter continued to linger. April was the month where it started to warm up and I realized how desperately I wanted to be outside, frolicking in the sunshine and basically anywhere but sitting indoors, at a desk.

Now, I’m sitting here wishing the months went on as long as they seemed to back in middle school.

But, I have to admit, they are 100% infinitely more enjoyable now a days. Which is probably why they shoot by so quickly; time flies when we’re having fun, right?

So, in the spirit of enjoying every minute and simply savoring life, let’s reflect on the highlights of April. April was a whirlwind. It seems like half the month was Easter and the other half was Ange’s wedding. It was BUSY, sunny, fun and I’m already tan so I’d say this April was quite awesome. Here are my favorite moments!

1. I made Easter Bread for the first time!


This was a huge accomplishment because I’ve been dying to make Easter bread since I first joined Pinterest nearly four years ago and discovered a recipe. Easter bread is one of my favorite holiday treats and the only reason I held off on making it was because I didn’t have the necessary equipment–ie, a stand mixer or bread maker. Well, now that I finally have a stand mixer with a bread kneading attachment I knew the recipe HAD to be made. Dan and I worked together to make these sprinkly little wreaths on Easter eve and enjoyed them for breakfast Easter morning. They came out so good that we finished off the batch by ourselves. Next year I’m going to double the recipe so I have enough to share!

2. I made donuts for the first time!


Technically, I made donuts for the true first time on Easter when I made the above blueberry cake donuts. However, it wasn’t my own recipe and they were more round cakes than legit donuts. Those blueberry ones were super dense, moist and delicious but were simply not congruent with what I think of as “donuts”. So, I went back to the drawing board, studied some recipes and made these funfetti donuts. They were legit!

3. Soaking Up Every Bit of Sunshine and Walking a TON



April is notorious for being a rainy month but this year April was absolutely beautiful. It was the epitome of spring with warm, breezy temperatures, bright sunshine and perfectly comfortable outdoor weather. We were lucky enough to score a couple early beach days and I ran just about all my April runs in a tank top. Gatsby is LOVING the newly warm temps and it’s been nearly impossible to keep us inside.

4. Celebrating Angela’s Wedding!


There are more photos and details on one of the most elegant, beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to in this post. Angela’s wedding was such a wonderful day and I am so happy to have been such a big part of it by being her Matron of Honor. I know she put so much work into her wedding and as her MOH I tried my best to be there for her and help her out the way my friends were there for me during the planning of my wedding. I know firsthand how amazing it feels to have the help and support of friends and loved ones during one of the most exciting days of your life and I hope I was able to give that love, help and support to her.

5. Gatsby’s First Beach Trip!


There’s nothing like hitting the beach in April! The summer is still a way’s off but getting to enjoy the warm sunshine and the feeling of rolling around in the sand long before my favorite season’s first day is SUCH a blessing! It was so great to have our little googaly eyed pup there with us. Watching him shove his face into the sand and roll around in the surf made my heart swell like you wouldn’t believe.

6. I Finally Restyled Our Coffee Table

IMG_5768-2 IMG_5769-2

Our coffee table is actually one of my favorite areas of our apartment but it was due for a little restyling. As much as I LOVED the way it was styled, it’s been the same for about two years. I wanted to spring/summer it up so I added a driftwood/beachy/shabby tray filled with summer scented candles, flowers and blush accents. I LOVE it! I love it so much that I’m going to do a whole post on how I styled it and where each piece is from this coming week.

7. I Actually Made it to May WITHOUT Finishing all the Easter Candy!


Let’s just be honest. This is by far the biggest accomplishment of the entire month and the FIRST time this has ever happened. Proud moment, ok?!

How was your April??



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