Weekend Reflections; Doing Nothing

Do you ever crave the idea of doing nothing? Do you ever find yourself at that point where just the thought of going out exhausts you? That’s the head space I’ve been in all week and I was determined to have the laziest, agenda free weekend. Basically, this whole season has been a whirlwind and looking at my planner kind of freaks me out because with something planned every week I already know that May is going to be over in a blink. I just opened up the May month look page in my planner and as I was writing in important dates I already said, out loud, “wait, then that’s Memorial Day Weekend already?!”

Yes. The month just started four days ago and I’m already freaking out that Memorial Day Weekend is coming too soon. So how do you slow down time? The best answer I can come up with is to really, indulgently savor every single moment. I have a tendency to focus mostly on the weekend as really the only “moments” that count and forget to savor the days during the workweek which is ridiculous. Starting this week I’m going to do my best to enjoy the weekdays as much as I do the weekends. My goals include getting outside more whether I take longer walks with Gatsby when I’m home or go out for lunch and sit by the Hudson river on my breaks between classes at work.

So, long story short, I did get my relaxing weekend of nothing. It was full of family time, long morning runs in the sun and way too much indulgent food and wine.

One of our clients at the studio is an amazing baker and brought in this incredible yogurt cake studded with fresh cranberries. I’ve been having cake for breakfast for more days than I’d like to admit. 


Every time I take Gatsby for a walk we both end up admiring the pretty pink trees that so gorgeously decorate our block. I like to take photos of them, he likes to sniff and snack on the petals on the ground and we both walk away from them sniffling and sneezing. Tree allergies are lame. 


Saturday sushi lunch.


Friday I did take a step out of the staff lounge for some fresh air and legitimate social interaction! Had a sweet little coffee date with one of my coworkers.


I also did some art during my Friday afternoon break and tagged up our daily workout board!


Loving this weather SO much! We’ve sat and soaked up the sun on just about every bench on our block. This picture was taken on the bleachers of a nearby baseball field…we’re running out of benches. 


Current candle obsession. Gosh, this smells like sunshine and happiness!


This weekend’s uniform: cuffed skinny jeans, rad studded Sanuks & a breezy tank.


Tortellini poppers! These came out divine, I’ll share the recipe this week!


Speaking of divine, I tried the cookie straw from Starbucks. As someone who LOVES to dunk cookies in coffee, I’m just wondering why they’ve taken so long to come out with this.


White Sangria from the cutest little wedding gift ever! Look, it’s me on a wine glass!


For dinner this weekend I made these burgers and holy decadent…


I spent Sunday morning with my parents. We went to church and then out for coffee and a drive in the sunshine. Perfect, relaxing weekend morning. 


Hope you all had a great weekend! I LOVE that today is supposed to be in the 80’s! Way to go, Monday, starting our week off on a warm, sunny note.



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