Weekend Reflections; Mother’s Day!

Gatsby is SHOT. This pup had an absolute blast yesterday running around freely in my parent’s backyard with Chewy and soaking up ALL the attention from everyone who was over. We had so much fun celebrating Mother’s Day yesterday and I know my mom had a blast simply because she was surrounded by family, love and laughter all day. The weather was perfection (ONLY on Mother’s Day, though! Friday was ok and Saturday was cloudy and chilly). We celebrated at my parent’s house, joined by my grandmother, uncle and my sister’s boyfriend and his family. We grilled every meat possible, had plenty of sangria and fresh cream and fruit desserts. Could not have been better.

Last week I set a goal to enjoy the actual weekday more by getting outside more and doing my best to savor every moment instead of wishing the week away while desperately waiting for the weekend. I feel like I succeeded this week and want to keep striving for that “live in the moment” daily vibe this week. I have to say, it really was a rather enjoyable week…every single day of it.

Friday lunch date with my hubs…at The Grey Dog, naturally.


This week was full of beautiful, sunny days and I took full advantage! Gatsby and I spent some time during the week at our favorite local beach, soaking up the sun and walking the boardwalk. 


Peacefulness of the Long Island Sound.


To keep our weekday meals interesting we picked up some fresh fish to broil throughout the week. This is tilapia with a gluten free coconut crust!


Saturday’s OOTD for a morning and afternoon full of running errands. I’m so happy it’s finally daisy duke season!


I finally caved and made a snap chat! Add me — lindsayyl0vee — if you enjoy pictures like this? 

IMG_6964 IMG_6916

A day full of errands should always be rewarded with froyo.


Working on mom’s Mother’s Day gift.


Weekend baking! I made these insanely delish white chocolate lemon scones.


Saturday evening cuddles.


Sunday’s OOTD. My mom and I agreed that high boots + short shorts is one of the best combos ever and should be taken FULL advantage of as there’s basically only two weeks a year where the weather permits this combo to be worn comfortably. 


And yesterday was hotter than we expected sooo…the boots didn’t last long.


Banana cream pie and my strawberry shortcake trifle….perfect light, fluffy and fruity spring desserts.


Happy Mother’s Day to this beauty!


Mom, her girls and her granddog.




Family! Three mothers, three daughters and three sons.


Dog mama.


Gatsby and my Grandma.


I have to share the recipe for this trifle this week because it was such a success!


The fooood….


One of the biggest highlights? Watching the pups run around and be the cutest, happiest little things ever.


I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!! Looks like this week is going to be filled with more summery-esq warm and sunny days so get out there and enjoy it! I’m off to start the week right with a blowout…now that’s how you Monday.



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