[Week]end Reflections; Graduations and Celebrations

Do you ever have those moments where you just want to..like, take off? Like, just lay around and be lazy and eat cake for breakfast and doing everything other than your daily routine?

Then after about 3 or 4 days of doing just that, you check your calendar and realize you’ve been PMSing. That’s where I’ve been this week. It all started on Saturday morning when I woke up feeling quite sluggish and unmotivated. Saturday mornings are typically spent outside running, with a mid-run pit stop at the gym. Before the workout starts I take Gatsby for a walk which serves the double purpose of letting him relieve himself and giving me a preview of what the weather for the day is like so I know how to dress for my run. Well, this Saturday about ten minutes into our run it started down pouring, like fast, heavy, violent rain. Gatsby freaked out and I declared a run out of the picture. By the time we got back inside we were both drenched and what little motivation I’d had to begin with was completely gone. I reminded myself that it’s perfectly ok to give in to a day off, especially since I’d worked out pretty hard and consistently all week.

Well, Saturday’s day off turned into Sunday’s day off which then turned into Monday’s day off. Off from the gym, off from clean, healthy eats…like straight up OFF. That lazy mood is a tough one to crawl out of, especially when your hormones are working against you. I’ve always had pretty intense PMS symptoms but this month and last have been, like, out of control bad. It’s actually the reason why I started tracking my cycle in my calendar. I figured that if I knew the symptoms were coming I’d have a better chance at fighting them, something like, “Ok, you’re feeling agitated, tired, fatigued and sore but it’s ok…it’s just your hormones, fight through it, get moving and you’ll feel better”. Well, that doesn’t really help if you forget to check the damn calendar.

Tuesday morning I forced myself to get back on track and woke up at 4am to get to work early enough to hit a solid, intense workout before I taught my first class. Tuesday was my friend Nicolette’s graduation and I knew we’d be going out eating and drinking to celebrate so I had to at least get one good workout in before that. It worked. However, I ended up staying out later than I anticipated and drinking about two and a half more bottles of wine than I had anticipated. We pretty much celebrated for, oh, 8 hours. So Wednesday morning when I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a truck I just said fuck it and went out for a bagel for breakfast and it was all downhill from there. If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I spent the entirety of my Wednesday on the couch. What you don’t know is that I also inhaled a pizza and about 85% of a Ben & Jerry’s pint (The Tonight Dough, in case you were curious). I had a veggie burger for dinner though.

Today I had a choice to make. Do I just call it a week, seeing as Memorial Day weekend and its endless BBQs are upon us? Nah, that’d be too easy. So last night I set my alarm, woke up before the sun, made myself some egg whites and oatmeal, went to work and hit the gym for a sweaty shoulder and cardio session. Do I still feel like a swollen, puffy marshmallow? Of course. However, I do feel like I’ve gone from Jumbo sized to the regular, standard sized Jet Puffed and that’s a win for today!

This time last week I was soaking up the sun, hanging out in the sand with my mom.


Last Friday started with a day of glam doing this lovely little lady’s makeup for her junior prom!


View on my walk home from work.


Friday night eats, aka, the last healthy thing I put in my body before five days of eating crap.


Saturday snuggles.


Saturday’s OOTD..


Did you know that Home Depot is dog friendly? The only catch is your pup must ride in the wagon. Gatsby was NOT a fan.


After we picked up the necessary supplies we spent our Saturday painting and fixing up our apartment. It was the weekend so beer seemed like adequate fuel. 


With all the fix up chores done, Sunday was spent vegging out.


Annndddd eating burgers…


Tuesday morning at Nicolette’s graduation from Columbia Nursing School! There was way too much champagne consumed before noon. 


Celebrating our graduate!! Btw, that’s Nicolette’s bathroom and I love it because it’s THE girliest bathroom ever. Pink and gold and a freakin GLITTER TOILET SEAT. 


The morning celebrations continued into the evening when we went out to this AMAZING Peruvian restaurant called Quenas. If you’re in the Westchester area, this place is in Harrison and it is a MUST. I had the Tacu Tacu, which was some heavenly, outrageous mix of steak, super fresh, crisp sautéed veggies and some kind of divine mixture of rice and refried beans. I inhaled the whole dish and had to stop myself from picking up the empty plate and licking it clean. 


Nicolette is now officially a Nurse Midwife, hence her “birth” cake. Fabulous.


Anddd….here’s a snapshot of how I spent Wednesday. You know, letting all that food, champagne and sangria just soak right in. 


I must admit though, it was a fun few days. I’m happy to be back on track but sometimes, whether PMS is to blame or night, it’s nice to take a little break and indulge, party and have some fun. Speaking of partying, what are your plans for Memorial Day Weekend??



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