Weekend Reflections; My Birthday!

This weekend was spent celebrating my birthday! Yes, pretty much the whole weekend. With the exception of Friday because I worked all day, but I made sure to buy myself some presents and came home to a gift from my friend and a package of candles I forgot I even ordered. Surprise!

Last week when Dan asked me where I wanted to go for dinner, I replied that I just wanted to hang out at the beach. I didn’t want to get dressed up, go out to a fancy restaurant or anything like that. All I wanted was to soak up as much sun as possible, picnic on a giant beach towel in the sand with the waves crashing at my feet and relax. And then it rained. All weekend. So we did the logical thing and went to an outdoor beach bar, in the pouring rain.

That was just the weekend though. My actual birthday was on Thursday and I did get a bit of sun in. I work early Thursday mornings and finish teaching at 9am so I didn’t see the point in taking off. Dan took off though which was awesome because I never get to spend weekdays with him. We hung out at the pool, had too many drinks and splashed around with some friends before a quick change and heading out for pizza. And more drinks. The weekend followed with more eating, especially since there really wasn’t much else to do thanks to the rain. I’m happy to say though, we definitely made the most of it and I had the best time celebrating with my babe.

Making pink frosted brownies to bring to work on my birthday. 


One of my friends took my class the morning of my birthday and gave me the best gift card I’ve ever seen.


It’s almost kind of scary how well my friends know me! I can’t even take these cards.


My friend Ange left this at my apartment when she came to walk Gatsby and I just about died after opening it. Skincare, googalies, food….I mean, it’s like she’s in my head.


Every year on my birthday I have to get myself a cupcake, like some cupcake I’ve been dying to try. Two years ago I went to Little Cupcake Bakeshop, last year I hit up Baked by Melissa and this year I stopped by Molly’s [birthday cake and blueberry cheesecake].


Umm…happy birthday to me..


That storm watch candle actually went to great use this weekend!


Thursday’s celebrations


The perfect afternoon… [ankle bracelet]


Quick change for dinner..


This Hawaiian Rum Punch was soooo good, but sooo dangerously strong.




Gatsby, always having to be front and center for EVERYTHING. Apparently, my birthday gifts are *really* for him.


If you’re anything like me, and you love having your home smell like an Abercrombie & Fitch store (to everyone else’s disdain…), this wallflower is for you.


Since Saturday wasn’t the beach day we’d hoped for, we headed over to the harbor to still soak up some outdoor time and walk around with Gatsby.


It was a denim on denim day.


And a bikini underneath


Not that we needed more pizza, but this happened somehow.


And then we went home to hang out inside, watch the rain and drink champagne. And right after this picture was taken, Dan dropped and shattered his flute. Which is awesome, since they’re our wedding flutes. 


And then I got ready. Jeans and a crop top and natural makeup.


Coronaritas in a beach shack in the rain!


Sunday night we went to a little farm to table restaurant with my in laws for some more celebrations.


I wore a flowy boho top and white cutoffs with brown booties.


And caught the cutest picture of Gatsby right as he was about to yawn.


And now the sun is shining and looks like it will stick around for the weekend! Do you have any plans for the fourth?! So exciting that it’s on a Saturday this year!