Weekend Reflections; Date Night

Last night as we sat down to dinner Dan said, “wow, this has really been a gluttonous weekend”.

Um…yea. The thing is, it wasn’t intentional and it didn’t start out that way! Earlier this week we’d checked the forecast which said Saturday was supposed to be rainy but Sunday was going to be sunny and beautiful. So, we planned our weekend accordingly with a day full of outdoor activities in the city on the agenda for Sunday and house hunting with our realtor on Saturday. Saturday morning I woke up and went for a run and it was gorgeous out. It was so warm and sunny that I came home from my run with a lovely little sports bra tan line. We continued to check the forecast which still said rain in the afternoon, although the sky showed no sign of it.

After an afternoon spent driving around from house to house to house (with no luck) we stopped by my in laws to sit outside in the sun that was still shining and let Gatsby run around their yard. We realized that the rain was definitely not coming so we booked a last minute dinner reservation at The Twisted Oak in Tarrytown, a restaurant we’ve been dying to try. We made an early reservation and planned to hang out by the river to enjoy the evening and it was such a great relaxing, beautiful summer night.

Sunday morning started on an indulgent foot and continued as such for the rest of the day. We kicked it off with bagels for breakfast before another morning of house touring. Once again, the weather said rain but the sun prevailed. After more dead end house hunting we went for a spontaneous brunch (who goes to brunch after eating bagels for breakfast??). Brunch is great for stress eating. We also took Gatsby to the dog park and then finally, around 3pm the sun disappeared and the rain came pouring down. It’s now almost 9am on Monday and the rain still hasn’t stopped.

It does look like it’s going to be a dreary, rainy week but I do have quite a bit of cleaning, reorganizing and some blog posts to catch up on so I’ll take advantage of the time indoors!

Creeping on his toys..ALWAYS ready for a game of fetch.


Ocean blue scarf + coral lips.


Friday night froyo.


Weekend casual


Feminine pink and white mani pedi


House hunting OOTD on Saturday


Reading buddy


Saturday night OOTD


Ridiculously oversized shades


Saturday night!


babe ❤


Waffle cones at sunset




Sunday morning outfit repeat. A scarf changes everything, right?




Rain coming in


Rainy days call for baking…I made this banana bread


And then for dinner, I whipped up this super easy and deliciously comforting pasta dish. Only I didn’t have shredded mozzarella so I used ricotta instead – super freakin creamy. 


Then the weekend ended in the best way possible…puppy pile snuggling on the couch, wrapped in a big fluffy blanket.


Hope you had a fabulous weekend and that you didn’t get caught in the rain last night! Enjoy this rainy week!



One thought on “Weekend Reflections; Date Night

  1. OMG his eyes in the first pic! Ready to bounce!
    House hunting?! Exciting! What happened with the house in the awesome neighborhood?
    Those waffles look scrumptious! I’m telling you, just ask for a bowl and a spoon next time. Makes all the difference.
    Hope you have a great week!

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