Weekend Reflections; Nine Stitches Later

I really tried my best to enjoy a beautiful summer weekend without getting down about my injury. This Wednesday while doing dishes a glass shattered in my hand and took a good chunk off my right pinky. In case you’re squeamish, I will leave it at that and spare you the details. I was home alone except for two contractors working on my kitchen and they while speeded up their job to get out of the apartment ASAP my mom headed over to take me to the emergency room. Nine stitches, an x-ray, cleaning, numbing injection and about an hour later I was headed back home with strict directions not to get my hand wet and not to put any pressure on it whatsoever…aka, no working out. Ugh. The only time I’m ok with being ordered not to work out is when I’m prepared for it, like when I had my surgery a few years ago. I went into it with a plan; I worked out extra hard so if muscles happened to atrophy it wouldn’t be a great loss and figured out a diet that wouldn’t be too much or too little calories based on a more sedentary temporary lifestyle. I’m definitely an extreme planner so when something spontaneous happens like this and I haven’t prepared and don’t have a back up plan I freak out. This happened when I dislocated my toe the first time and I ended up taking two weeks off from the gym and looking for my feelings at the bottom of takeout containers and wine bottles.

I’m not going to lie, I felt that same state of panic that all my hard work would be completely derailed in these coming ten days of healing. But, instead of going back and forth between two extremes (scenario 1: I can’t do anything so I’ll just pig out and throw in the towel and scenario 2: I’m going to force myself to survive on nothing but lettuce and chicken breast and walk for at least an hour or two every day) I allowed myself the rest of the week to relax, indulge a bit but be mindful of moderation. By the time the weekend came I shifted my focus from myself and my own selfish anxieties (because really, anxiety at it’s core is pretty selfish, isn’t it?) to trying to live in the moment and enjoy a beautiful day with my husband and my pup. Saturday I kinda bombed. Dan was feeling pretty shot so he took off from the gym with me on Saturday which freed up our whole morning so we could catch up on some errands. Of course that went from 6am through 4pm so by the time we got home we were shot and a bit stressed out. We ended up binging on OITNB and ravioli and I fell asleep at 7:30. Womp. Sunday I was determined to make up for a sort of wasteful Saturday and it ended up being quite successful. Dan and I went out for breakfast followed by a walk along the boardwalk before heading back home to pick up Gatsby to go for a hike and relax under the sun. It was the perfect end to an underwhelming few days. The best part about it is that it’s set me on the right foot for the week. Oh, and this morning my hand surgeon cleared me to do cardio and light weightlifting. That and this morning’s subsequent 6 mile run surely helped boost my mood.

All wrapped up at the ER


My mom is the cutest. After we left the hospital she gave me this cute little plant to help me feel better. 


Thursday morning (the day after the accident) I forced myself to put on a tough front and go to work. I had to have another instructor demo all the moves and I felt pretty down on myself so on the way home I found my emotions in a slice of princess cake. 


Thursday afternoon I dropped my mom off and picked her up from her surgery. Thursday was kind of just an all around stressful day so a s’mores frappucino also happened. I do feel that I practiced moderation by getting the mini size. That counts for something, right? Help me out here..


He wouldn’t let me frappucino alone…. #puppacino


When I woke up Saturday morning my finger was still pretty achey. I was told not to get my finger wet for ten days so showering has been a real pain. Have you ever tried washing your hair with one hand?? It’s not fun. I washed my hair Friday night so Saturday morning I woke up with slept in, air dried hair. I thought about running a straightener through it but Saturday was a 90+ degree day with 100% humidity so I let it be. After several days in a finger splint and not exactly taking care of myself I wanted nothing more than to get dolled up and pretty but with the whole half of my right hand aching and extremely tender I could barely hold my makeup brushes. I managed to scribble on some eyebrows and a few coats of mascara but then my hand started to tingle so I stopped. I actually didn’t mind the look of my skin without any foundation or concealer! This week I started massaging coconut oil into my skin before bed (a recommendation from my skincare obsessed sister) and I cannot believe the difference it’s made in such a short amount of time! I also sprayed on a few spritz’s of the Tatcha Luminous Dewey Skin mist which really woke my skin up and made it look radiant and hydrated. I loved how it looked so much that I skipped makeup (with the exception of filling in my brows and mascara–my two holy grail products) for the rest of the weekend. 


Couch potato-ing away our Saturday night with Orange is the New Black.


Sunday morning breakfast date! We went to our favorite hidden gem spot, On The Way Cafe which has the hands down BEST pancakes. What made me love this spot even more was the fact that they use coffee ice cubes in their iced coffee!


Post breakfast boardwalk stroll. It was such a beautiful day


Sunday OOTD, the left I wore to breakfast then I changed into a bikini and threw this Hollister halter over it. 


Sunday afternoon lazing around under the sun


We hiked up to the top of the dam…the views were absolutely breathtaking! This side is the reservoir.. 


And this side faces the park but you can see for MILES


I was so proud of these two for making it up




It really was one of those perfect Sundays that makes you feel small and puts everything into perspective. It was the wakeup call I needed to stop moping


We came home, snuggled and lit the best beach/boardwalk candle combo ever and indulged all that is summer.


Even the evening was beautiful. While Dan got ready for bed Gatsby and I went on a walk around the neighborhood. It was pleasantly warm as the humidity started to break and the wind was blowing hinting at the storm that was heading in. At the end of the walk Gatsby and I just hung out on a bench, snuggling and enjoying the night.


Finally! A little physical activity. A slow, but sweaty humid, rainy, cloudy Monday run along the river.


Hope you have a beautiful week!



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