What’s in My Gym Bag

As a fitness professional my gym bag is basically my right hand man, it’s always with me. It’s not just my gym bag but my work carryall, purse, cooler and everything else I could need throughout the day.


I am currently using this backpack and I love it. When it comes to gym bags of any type, it’s hard to beat lululemon thanks to their insanely durable, stink proof quality material and the LOADS of convenient pockets. I’ve been using this backpack for a year now and it’s still in excellent condition despite how much use it gets and how much it’s been banged and thrown around and ridiculously overstuffed.


I used to carry a single strap shoulder bag or oversized purse type of gym bag until I started working in the city. With my commute I do quite a bit of walking and I quickly realized that all that weight on one side over time would only lead to problems so I caved and bought a backpack. The best part about it is the chest strap which takes some of the weight off the traps and shoulders and allows a more even distribution, which prevents shoulder and back pain.


It’s not the most typical gym bag…like, I don’t have sneakers in there but I do have a laptop. Anyway, let’s get to it!

What’s in My Gym Bag?

Let’s start with the front/outside and all these tiny little pockets. I use the front pockets of my bag for my “grab and go” items like hand sanitizer, lotion, gum and a rollerball perfume. I use the smallest pockets to hold my metro card, little perfume samples (when you sweat for a living, having multiple perfumes and body sprays on you at all times becomes a necessity), lipgloss, chapstick and pens. These pockets are reserved for the little things I constantly reach for that I don’t want to waste time digging through my bag for.


When it comes to my gym bag I need organization. I keep all like items in smaller bags and any loose things stay in a zippered interior pocket. The main reason why I don’t let things freely flow around is for hygienic purposes. I often have a few sweaty shirts or worn pairs of socks in here and even though I keep them in plastic baggies, I don’t want that stuff touching other things.


I have five smaller pouches that are staples in my gym bag. From the bottom up we have my “shower bag”, makeshift wallet (my regular wallet is on its last leg so I’ve been using this Laura Mercier makeup pouch to hold my credit cards, cash, ID and keys), makeup bag, gym essentials and a pencil case. There’s also always one or two sock balls (clean socks!) floating around for emergencies.


Here’s a look into my shower and makeup bag. The shower bag is full of essentials for my long work days when I need to freshen up between classes: travel sized face wash, razors, body lotion, moisturizers, skincare, deodorant, etc. My makeup bag has the bare minimals needed to freshen up post workout: hand sanitizer, lotion, body spray, oil absorbing sheets, mascara, brow gel and concealer.


Next up is my pencil case and workout bag. I carry my Erin Condren planner (omg…they now have ROSE GOLD) with me everywhere so I keep this pencil case (which is actually a makeup brush case from Forever 21 that I repurposed) with me for when I write in my planner. Is it strange that I essentially have a gym bag within a gym bag? This little clear bag contains all the workout necessities: lifting gloves, headphones and pre workout powder packets.


Here are the loose items I keep-my planner, a novel to read on the train and refreshing body wipes for a quick refresh between classes.


Moving on now to the top section of the bag is a nice sized zippered section. This is where I keep a few more essentials. I have my all time favorite post workout toner, dry shampoo, salt spray (my secret weapon for styling sweaty post workout hair), NUUN (electrolyte tabs to pop into a water bottle when I need the extra oomph), tylenol, a charger and a bajillion Bath & Body Works and CVS coupons because if I just keep them on me at all times I never miss the opportunity to use them!


And finally, my absolute favorite part of this bag – the laptop compartment. One of the most essential parts of my job is creating a killer playlist which I utilize both my laptop and iPad for, depending which class I’m teaching. I loved that this bag came with a padded compartment specifically for a laptop but also had a second padded pocket that I could slip my iPad into. This one pocket was the selling point for me.


And there you have it!! Anytime Dan or one of my friends picks up my bag their immediate response is always the same – omg, why is this so HEAVY? Well, now you know! There may be a bit much in here but some days I’m in the city for up to 15 hours so I essentially do live out of my bag.

What are your gym bag (or purse) can’t-live-without essentials??



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