Weekend Reflections; Father’s Day & Welcoming Summer

Happy Monday! What is it about Monday where all the overwhelming things seem to fall on this day? When I woke up this morning Gatsby’s right ear (his bad one that’s prone to infections) was red and folded over, which isn’t exactly out of the ordinary. He has severe environmental and food allergies and when we went to the allergist she said it was normal for allergy dogs to have red ears, especially when they’re excited (which he always is when he wakes up because he gets to see us, eat and go for a walk). She said if it doesn’t seem to bother him to let it be. Well for the past week or so he’s had this red, limp ear. After a few hours he’d settle down and his ear would pop back up and the redness would decrease. However, yesterday I noticed it seemed a bit swollen then this morning he was shaking his head and scratching it more than usual. I went to the gym and did my thing and when I came home several hours later his ear was still bright red, very swollen and had all these little blood oozing cuts inside. He was continuously scratching it and looked so uncomfortable. I picked him up to hug him and the slightest exhale against his ear freaked him out and I immediately called the vet. I’m writing this post rather quickly as I have to head over there with him in twenty. Prayers that we can finally get this ear under control and all the scratching hasn’t caused too much damage.

Backing up let’s recap the weekend which was a perfect summer weekend. Friday started off with a super early morning workout before teaching my usual spin class. After work I headed back to my hand surgeon to have my stitches removed and do some physical therapy to get my finger bending and working again. I am amazed at how much it’s healed in just a week! Unfortunately I still can’t swim, lift too heavy or get it wet for another week to week and a half but I’m not complaining. The surgeon said I got really lucky with the way the glass cut in that it didn’t damage any nerves or tendons and sliced through pretty clean. He said that after a year or so my scar will barely be noticeable. To celebrate the good news and being stitch free I treated myself to my first manicure in two weeks! The doctor was laughing at me because I had painted my other nine nails hot pink last weekend but left my pinky its original blue color. He stared at my hands and laughed as he said, “did you really go get a manicure for your other nine nails and just left out your pinky?” I tried to explain my obsession with manicured fingertips and I’m pretty sure he thinks my priorities are totally out of whack.

I usually work all day on Fridays and don’t get home until later at night so Dan and I decided to do a spur of the moment BBQ dinner to celebrate a rare Friday night together. The evening was beautiful and it was so nice to enjoy the sun, sip some wine and have such a laid back, relaxing start to the weekend. Saturday was a bit overcast so we walked around town with Gatsby and did some shopping. Father’s Day was another gorgeous (albeit a bit hot) day that I started off with a long run. Gatsby and I headed over to my parents’ for a BBQ while Dan went to a restaurant for a late lunch.

I don’t know if it’s just where I live, but I find that the best place for a good, clean salad is a diner. They never fail to have the biggest, best and freshest salads.


Thursday evening shopping with my mom. Picked up some skincare essentials from my favorite brand, Kiehl’s and a few delicious smelling candles and hand soaps from Bath & Body Works’ semi annual sale.


This is a new to me product that I have been loving!! My mom and I both picked up this serum which contains glycerin which is supposed to pull moisture from the air and rehydrate your skin. I drink a TON of water (around a gallon a day) and my skin still tested on the low end of average for hydration. I’m normal/combination but have always felt like my skin was “dry” although it’s never been flakey. Turns out it’s just not as hydrated as it could be so I’m hoping this serum helps me out. I’ll report back after I’ve been using it long enough to have an opinion on how well it works.


The other week I was browsing the Bath & Body Works store on 23rd and Park and was smitten by the lovely new beachy scented hand soaps but decided to pass on them. A few days later my bathroom soap ran out and I went through my stash for a replacement and found nothing but fall and winter scented soaps. I had an abundance of pumpkin but nothing summer appropriate (who even am I?!) so I picked up these delightful little summer scents to rectify the problem. 


I bought a few candles too….then realized how completely unnecessary that purchase was. However, somehow this candle inventory I took inspired a browsing of the #candlehoarder hashtag on Instagram which sent me flying down the rabbit hole of candle hoarders across the inter webs….many of whom put my collection to shame. I never should have browsed because now all I want to do is obsessively shop for more candles and have a glorious stash like the ones I’ve seen. I need to stop. I have problems. 


I couldn’t resist picking up this pretty little bloom from Trader Joe’s. It looks so bright and summery in my orange Gurgle Pot.


First manicure since my accident! I went with OPI Cajun Shrimp.


One of the things I discovered browsing through these candle obsessed Instagram accounts is the idea of a kitchen candle. I mean, I’ve burnt candles in my kitchen countless times but I’ve never had a particular scent for the kitchen. I saw a lot of people using lemon/lime scents in their kitchen to create a fresh, clean vibe and I was all about that so this is my kitchen’s new bff.


Ever since the skin test that told me my skin was a bit dehydrated I’ve been trying to replace the diet sodas/seltzers/iced coffees I drink throughout the day with more water. I’ve been hoarding bottles of Pellegrino like no one’s business since I can kiiiiind of pretend sparkling water is soda. Kinda. 


Soaking up some sun with this little mush.


I really don’t think there’s anything cuter than this little guy’s happy, smiling pant.


Friday evening, making the easiest summer salad.

I’m not really a beer girl, but every now and then I can get down with a seasonal brew.


This is much more my style.


Friday was the perfect summer kickoff. Grilling, sitting in the sun sipping rose and eating outside while the sun set….and Gatsby running free in a wide open space like a little crazy person.


So, so good.


Saturday morning we took a walk and browsed around some of our neighborhood boutiques…….I bought, I’m embarrassed to say….more candles.


Cutoffs and Flippies.


My mom’s gardens have always been outstandingly beautiful. I’ve been admiring her flowers, herbs, and every other type of greenery since I was a weeeee little flower child. I’d pick them out, pop them in my hair and just loved running around through the gardens. While I was over there this weekend I realized my favorite flower of hers is the same favorite from when I was little, her Tiger Lilies. They always bloomed towards the end of June and the sight of them was a reminder that school would be over soon and the long, breezy, carefree days of summer were here. I think that flower on the left is a hibiscus? I’m not sure but this weekend I was absolutely captivated by it. 


Can we talk about candles for the last freakin time on this post? I just have to talk about this little dish. It’s called a Votive Mixology and I got it from the Yankee Candle semi annual sale. I think it’s the coolest thing ever!! Three scents melt and pool into one customized fragrance. 


Gorgeous views on my run Sunday morning.


Father’s Day OOTD. The pants are from TJ Maxx and the top is from Zara. I love how it looked like a romper. It was the comfiest ever.


Father’s Day with the best dad! We had such a nice, relaxing day.


Wining down in the backyard with Gatsby on Sunday after Father’s Day dinner.


This little guy had a BLAST sprinting around a big, open space. Look at his face!! Pure ecstasy. 


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend filled with family and sun!



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