Weekend Reflections; Sunbathing & Birthdays

This weekend was such a summer weekend. The sun was shining, it was HOT and we were pretty much outside for every minute of it. Friday was an awesome day because I got some great news at work regarding my schedule. I swapped out a class with another instructor and now I have my Friday afternoons off!! I have not had a Friday afternoon off in years. The past several years I’ve worked all day on Fridays, well into the evening. Friday night fitness classes are pretty popular and somehow I’ve always been the one to teach the Friday nights, at almost every studio I’ve ever worked at. It was a give and take because it’s a fun, packed class to teach but I miss dinner with Dan and haven’t been able to start the weekend off with him. We’re both pretty shot by week’s end so Fridays have always been an early night and when I work Friday nights I just come home, shower and drop into bed. Dan has summer hours so he’s home around 1 or 2 on Fridays whereas I’ve been in the city from 6am to 7pm. Not anymore!! I think he was even more happy than I was! I honestly can’t even remember the last time we had Friday afternoon and/or evening together.

So this Friday I taught my last class and went out with a bang; it was a killer workout. I am definitely going to miss that crowd. I had a giant break of time between my morning and evening class, which I spent shopping. Saturday I started the morning off with a run at the high school track [so many memories from running track in high school, it’s amazing how much more fun I have on the track now haha] and then layed out at the pool with Dan. Or should I say layed in the pool. It was so hot we barely got out of the water. We finished the day up running a few errands [I had to stop at Kiehl’s for a bajillion things and we had to get a few things for Gatsby from the pet store]. For dinner we had carbs on carbs on carbs, aka ravioli in creamy vodka sauce with garlic bread and wine. Pretty sure that meal is STILL sitting in my stomach.

Sunday it was everyone’s birthday. Or so it seemed. First we went to a French bistro for brunch to celebrate my father in law’s birthday [we sat outside and drank sangria and there was live music and it was just perfection], then we headed over to Dan’s friend’s house for his daughter’s second birthday party. His kids are so freaken adorable. However, I wore the worst possible outfit ever because I didn’t know that the party was going to be outside, when it was 90-something degrees with 100% humidity. I was wearing grey head to toe [sweat marks were EVERYWHERE] and strappy sandals that just looked absurd when my feet swelled up double their size from the heat. Hmm…lovely. I had to show my husband’s friends a picture of my feet from earlier in the day to prove that I didn’t have mammoth sized potato feet. They were worse than pregnant Kim K feet. It was awful.

Thursday I spent the morning at the beach with my mom


This little one taking over my car


I don’t know if this is new, but I just found this yogurt at Trader Joe’s for the first time and OOOMMMGGGG it is everything


Sooo….I bought this. It’s a wax warmer and it’s so cute. You light a votive candle in the bottom of it which then warms the cubes of wax sitting in the little bowl on top. Dan didn’t really understand this concept. He went to “turn it off” and blew right into the pool of hot wax….splattering bright orange wax EVERYWHERE. I just can’t, I can’t even comment…


Friday’s shopping resulted in this…


He is the weirdest


Lately I have been craving salt water taffy like no one’s business


Lately I’ve also been using my dog as a pillow


I bough new extensions!! These are the silver extensions from Bellami and I adore them. Yes, my silver has faded almost completely. I’m going back new week to redo it. 


Almost bought this. Really regretting the fact that I didn’t


There’s froyo under there somewhere. I promise


May I present to you, the absolute worst outfit to wear on a hot, humid day. 


But come one with these shoes, how stinkin cute?? Not so cute when my feet were bulging out, but…yea.


Sangria and sunshine! I kind of want a cocktail right now…


For my New York friends, tomorrow we are hitting 100 degrees!! Break out the booty shorts..